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Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II

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Zarek and Gaius listen to Jim down in the morgue: "We have some more results [that] have come in here now. It's all been taken care of." On Colonial One, Tory again whispers to Laura. Jim: "Wow. Okay. 8,593 for Roslin, which puts her over the top." Everybody on Colonial One cheers, claps, embraces. Laura shakes their hands without standing, claps half-heartedly, looks sick. "That's 24,265 for Laura Roslin. Is that correct? And 22,366 for Gaius Baltar. We're going to check these again because that has put her over the top. She...has done it! She has retained the Presidency, in an improbable comeback in the final hours of the campaign!...It appears that Laura Roslin has retained the Presidency in defiance of the polls, the pundits, and the surveyors of gloom and doom. I've never seen a political race end like this, but it has just happened!" Zarek shuts Jim right off: "I've seen a lot of elections, Gaius. Most honest, a few fixed. And you can always tell the fixed ones, because they don't make sense. And this doesn't make sense." (As Joe R. said immediately after the episode: "See what happens when you don't fix elections?") After a second, Gaius leans forward, speaking quietly: "Laura Roslin is many things. But she's not corrupt. And she's not dishonest." There's a beat, as we mourn for what small things Gaius Baltar still believes in, and how shallow even those are. Poor guy. "It's over." Zarek stares at him, looks down. How far down will she go? This far. This is as far down as you can go without being evil. If you're in politics at all, it's because you know that law is a form of worship. This is as far as Laura can go.

Adama calls Laura up, as the one person she absolutely cannot handle right now, with his whole Atticus vibe. "Congratulations, Madam President," he says lovingly, and she thanks him. "I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but are you as shocked as I am?" She smiles, sad, trying to fake it: "I'm relieved." He wonders why she doesn't even sound relieved, but you know, it's just "been a long campaign."

Gaeta, looking at the ballots, calls Tigh over and tells him there's monkey business. So helpful, and trusting, and excited about the process: "Dr. Baltar's name is spelled correctly on these ballots. But this morning, the Zephyr called me, and told me their ballots had a misprint, they misspelled Baltar's first name. We didn't have time to print new ballots, so I told them on my authority to go ahead and use them anyway." Tigh's entire jaw shivers, he's clenched so tight. "Baltar's name is spelled correctly here, so they couldn't have come from the Zephyr. They're frauds. Now, there's a complete chain of custody from the Zephyr all the way into this room," he shows Tigh, "so someone in the chain is either a perpetrator or at least a willing ally..." Tigh thanks him curtly -- being sneaky is not really in Saul's wheelhouse, which is wonderful about him -- and Gaeta wonders if they shouldn't at least notify the legal observers and press, but he cuts him dead. "I said I'll take care of it from here," Tigh says, unable to meet Gaeta's eyes. Gaeta stares at him, and backs off. Tigh angrily tosses the ballots into their box. I love Gaeta, and I don't love Tigh a huge amount, but I was kind of rooting for Tigh to snap Gaeta's neck at some point here, just because the future of humanity rests on this, but he did not.

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