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Adama and Roslin continue their awkward conversation: "Madam President, you should celebrate. It's a great victory and you've earned it." She swallows, too full of this. His phone beeps -- space has call waiting! -- and Roslin signs off. He flips to Gaeta's call, and we see Gaeta looking shifty and scared, not wanting to actually say it. Adama tells him to spit it out, "fast and straight." "Yes, sir," says Gaeta, and we act out on lots of quick angles on him, and the Admiral, as he does: "Admiral, I believe that Colonel Tigh is involved in a conspiracy to rig the election for President Roslin."

You don't want this conversation to happen any more than I do, I imagine. It's going to be bad. Let's get through it. Adama and Roslin stand across her desk from each other, backs straight. "When I confronted the Colonel," Adama explains, "he admitted his guilt. He said he acted in collusion with your campaign manager, Tory Foster. Saul said Tory contacted him a few days ago. He did it because he felt that Baltar as President would be a disaster. I said I agreed, but that what he had done was illegal. A judicial tribunal may have to be..." Roslin stops him, shakes off her fear of disappointing him, of admitting it: "I gave Tory the go-ahead. I didn't know exactly what she was planning. I...certainly did not know about Colonel Tigh. Oh my Gods." It's this last that kills: there's a way in which using Tigh this way is a worse betrayal than using Lee at the beginning of the season, and she knows it. Adopted brother trumps estranged son. "But I did know that she was planning to fix the vote." Adama clarifies: "You tried to steal an election?" Roslin slumps. "Yes, I did," she says, and finally meets his eyes. "And I got caught. But Gaius Baltar cannot become President of the Colonies, Bill. It cannot happen." Adama's sympathetic on the concept of that particular hellride, but Roslin's not done: "He's working with the Cylons. I saw him just before the attack in Caprica with a copy of the tall blonde Cylon woman. The same model who accused Baltar of treason before disappearing from Galactica." ["I love it when they refer to Six as a model." -- Wing Chun] Adama's impassive: "What the hell are you saying? Why didn't you say something before this?" Roslin admits that it's a recently-recovered memory, and then I think she kind of fucks up: "But it's real. The same way Kobol is real, and the Tomb of Athena is real, and the map to Earth is real." She's almost crying, but, like -- why poke the bear? Why bring your religious bullshit into a formerly factual conversation? The last time you decided you were the instrument of the Gods, you nearly wrecked this relationship beyond repair. Why do that? "Earth" is his lie, and she nearly destroyed him with it. Why go there, Laura? Are you an idiot? "Even if that's true, you have no proof," says Adama. As usual. "No, I don't," Roslin says, embarrassed and ashamed about every single part of it.

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