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Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II

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The Fleet jumps into New Caprica's orbit, Gaeta calling their location, Dualla accounting for the ships of the Fleet. Adama duallas to the Pegasus to launch her initial ground team. She does it, but she sighs first. Speaking of the collusioneers, Tigh watches Adama through this, drops his chin. "Let's get a good look at our new home,"says Adama. He meets Tigh's eyes, and intones -- though Olmos was resistant, because he feels Adama is entirely atheist -- "Gods help us all." Not even them, bitches. You froze them out the second you decided to settle. Cavil was right. You're on your own.

Cloud 9. Gaius sits on Gina's couch; across the coffee table, she sits, bare feet beneath her. He's got a super-sleazy but not unattractive butterfly-collar swinger thing happening. She arranges her DEMAND PEACE papers and he breathes nervously, clearly about to say something awful. He doesn't get that she's already done. The second she managed to get the Resurrection Ship blown, she was ready to die. She put it off, for vengeance on Cain. She put it off again, for the DEMAND PEACE movement. Which as of now, is useless -- the humans are settling on a planet the Cylon can't find. She flashes back to that last moment, Gaius's face full of kindness, flak jacket around her broken body. A lot of people think that what happens here is a sign that she's still trying to destroy the Fleet from the inside, but I don't personally think she really has an agenda, of any kind. Just a death, deferred by purpose, into which Gaius is about to talk her; just listen. "Well," he says, smiling cheaply, having given this speech one hundred times or more before. "Well, I think my ability to see you will no doubt be constrained by the responsibilities and the requirements of my new position." Gina fidgets. It's already over. He's making that clear. "Ha! Listen to me: 'my new position.'" He's so tickled. He leans forward as though to take her hand, but there's no touching. "Um...but obviously, we, um, we will have the chance to connect, to, uh..." Gina swallows, not meeting Baltar's gaze. "...To get together again, on New Caprica, once..." She interrupts him: "I'm not going to New Caprica." She says this, unbreaking, and Baltar knows what she means, but he's not buying it, because in his mind, New Caprica is Old Caprica, same city, same girlfriend -- same cheating on her, even -- and if there's no difference, then he never did anything wrong. He is a hero, not a villain, even now. Same life, plus the Presidency. It could still work. "What? What are you talking about?" She repeats herself, looking so small there on the carpet, kneeling before him. "We're all going to New Caprica," he insists, the new world replacing the old, with him as king. She looks up at him, strong. Afraid. "All of us!" he exhorts her. "Every last, single one of us!" She meets his gaze; he's begging now. "It's our chance to be together. To be together again!" Gina, so sad and sorry, says no. He thinks, as she stares at the table, and then abruptly rises: "I can't do this anymore." She won't fulfill his sexual fantasies of being with Natasi, due to the PTSD; she won't help him play dollhouse on New Caprica -- what use is she? Won't be a virgin, can't be a whore. What else could she be? Nothing. What is her suicide to Baltar's greatest triumph? Nothing. She's a robot. She's not even the girl he loved, just a fracked-up broken version of the truth of her. He heads for the door.

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