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Which is a shitty tent. Kara tends to Anders as Doc Cottle wraps up his exam, and then she follows Doc out of the tent, begging him for info. "There's fluid in the lungs," he tells her. "It's probably pneumonia." She really does look beautiful. Well, she always does. "So give him something," she demands. Cottle says he'd love to, but that he's been "out of antibiotics for months." I get that we've jumped into a junky, shitty future, but if you're telling me Cottle's turning tricks.... "So what, that's it?" she says, desperate. "I have a lot of patients to see," Cottle tells her. "But he's young and he's strong. So make him rest. Keep him warm. And with a little luck, he'll make it." He turns to go, and Kara stands alone in the crowd: "Son of a bitch." She looks over at her marital tent, and then notices Ellen and Saul making their way through the crowd. As usual, Ellen looks amazing. Saul looks old, like an old man, in a knit hat and civvies. Who is he now? Kara smiles and laughs, happy to see them.

Kara follows Ellen and Saul into a tent, where Tyrol is attempting to lead a union meeting. He's got more beard than before, and some glasses. He looks earnest, like a park ranger. Like the state of Maine: "Please just calm down. Everybody listen just for a second," he asks again and again of the angry crowd. Finally the young woman next to him -- who is fucking Cally -- screams, "Shut the frack up!" Because she's so "motherfracking" spunky and indomitable and it's just so counterintuitive that such a young-looking, small girl would have such a mouth on her and aren't basic reversals of expectation just so fucking hilarious and heartwarming every fucking time you see them repeated over and over and over? Nothing like the comfort of a one-note character you can pretend to have a crush on. I hope the whole crowd instantly shuts up when she does that! That would be so awesome! They did? I might have to hit pause while I adore that fresh little moment. ("Why's Jacob so weirdly mad at Cally?" "Um, because Nicki Clyne is actually a really good actress, yet this is a character Daryl Hannah would feel saddled with?" "No, actually it's because I feel like if I abuse her just enough, maybe she'll marry me.") Angle on her huge belly, which she looks down at sixteen times and rubs continually. Admittedly, that would be a cute kid -- and I would love it if, once Hera starts doing whatever weird shit they have planned for her, Tyrol went nuts again and went after Cally's baby: "I fear that you are carrying a Cybrid!" Chief speechifies that when he was elected Union President, he promised to keep everybody working, "benefits flowing," that he would keep this city alive. As he attends to the crowd, Kara grabs Saul at the back of the tent and hugs him hard. Ellen too, who gushes that the whole New Caprica thing -- a fucking year later! -- is "pretty exciting." Kara's like, "Yeah, that wears off."

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