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Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II

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Kara explains that they're all very upset about Baltar in this tent, and then leans in to Tigh: "Sir, Anders is really sick. But Doc Cottle's giving me the runaround and says there's no antibiotics." Tigh looks at Ellen, then back to Kara, still so fresh from the boat. "And that's a load of crap," Kara says. "Anything you can do to help me cut through the red tape." It's not that she's talking to Tigh, at all -- it's her eyes, so desperate, the begging. This is worse than "Scar." She, presumably, left the Fleet to play house with Anders like a grownup would, and now here she is begging like a prole. This is one of the saddest moments for me, in this episode, to see her brought so...not low. She's just human, in trouble, scared and in love, and asking for help. Like a human being, like a scared woman. It's somehow the detail that brings the whole thing on. Tigh tells her to call Lee -- that Pegasus is "sitting on the backup meds" (interesting), but that Lee would surely "spring some" for Kara. She's so hard, and so sad: "Yeah. I doubt that." Colonel Saul Tigh looks at Captain Kara Thrace with love, and sadness, and pity. It's been a long fucking year. "That was a long time ago," he tells her. "People change." She meets his eyes and, foiled, runs off desperately. Ellen and Saul, worried for her, watch Tyrol do a spot-on Mario Savio. Aaron Douglas studied video of him for this (so did I, because I didn't want to be all film-student and just say that without checking it out): "...But there comes a time when you realize that the engine you've built with your blood, and your sweat, and your tears, is being used for something so foul, so perverted that it makes you sick in your heart." Ellen and Saul look at each other and think about catching the next Raptor skyward and just begging Adama to let them stay on Galactica. Clearly this place is troubled. "...And it's then that you must throw your body on the gears, and on the levers, and on the machine itself -- and make it stop. And you have to show the people who run it, the people who control it, that unless we're free, that machine will be prevented from working at all." My word. Saul and Ellen are now completely freaked, because when Chief goes to the machine metaphors, it's bad news. All around them, the tired and hungry begin to shout, "Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike!" So I guess Baltar's going to put them all in internment camps. If he can get there first.

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