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Chief breathes through his apology, stuttering and speaking quickly in turn, and Cally interrupts him with forgiveness, which not even Chief is looking for. He's horrified by her face, telling her, "It was me. I may have been out of my mind and not know what I was doing or anything, but it was me." Parse that sentence again -- the delivery, the confusion are perfect. Douglas plays hell out of this grotesque scene, and I'm not just saying that because the scruff is still here. "You're in pain," mumbles Cally. "You have been in pain for a really long time." Tyrol's not having it, and neither am I. "I care about you," Cally insists. "I always have. And I always will." He stares, and with her eyes, she begs him to get it. On this note alone I envy the international audience: they'll never have to see this. "Oh, sorry I bit off your ear. Must've been that darn PTSD of yours, living on a prison ship. My instincts just took over. I made you some muffins and murdered your girlfriend! Now do you love me? You wanna hit me again?" I only thought I hated her before. Dude.

My girl Barclay screams in the Caprica forest as everybody runs for the fortification. Starbuck gives Sharon her gun as they crouch behind what's left of a building's cement walls. No ceiling. Sharon and Anders get everybody behind the wall as Helo tries to use the field phone. Just as he's lamenting that the "freqs" are Cylon-jammed...the mortars and explosions halt. They breathe. Helo looks at Sharon, she cocks the gun, and one by one they rise and peer out at the Centurions. "They're holding back," says Kara, and Anders wonders why. Sharon: "They're holding position. Sending for non-lethal weapons. They want some prisoners for interrogation, the rest they're gonna send to the Farm." Ever since that baby died she's been such a downer. Starbuck vows that she's not going back to any fracking farm, and Sharon sheds a little more sunshine: "Yeah, well, you won't have any choice. None of us will. They're gonna lob some gas in here and then we'll all wake up somewhere else." In Sharon's case, on ice. Anders asks Starbuck for the plan, and the dynamic is so natural that it's almost beneath comment, but: what you have here is an intersolar basketball stud-turned-dilettante guerilla terrorist asking his petite blond girlfriend what to do, because she's the guy here, and he and she and we (and even the show, which is sometimes questionable) are all so past it that we don't even notice. They'll wait it out, but if Sharon's right, Starbuck tells Anders, "Then you and me, we gotta have an agreement." She almost cries, explaining again: "Not going back to one of those farms, Sam. I'm not. So if she's right and they throw gas in here..." Sharon looks down, sad and scared. She's learned a thing or two about what happens when you don't get to make choices about your body. The cavalier attitude about "Well, maybe you'd be forced to fuck somebody nice, like Leoben" is gone. She at least gets that. "You do me," says Starbuck. "I'll do you." Anders is not getting it. Maybe it's the radiation. Starbuck pulls a gun in his face -- and for such a grim moment (concept, story, episode, arc, season, show), it's fairly funny -- and gets very hardcore: "This is what I'm talking about, okay?" Helo and Sharon are like, "Whoa." Anders gets it, and they nod, eyes locked. Starbuck holsters her gun again, staring into space. Getting him back, getting pinned, and then the Farm on top of it? I'd just feign sleep and hope everybody else figured it out, honestly. Too hard.

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