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Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II

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Maya watches the rally from outside the school tent, and comes back in, as Laura's teaching the children. Maya leans in and says quietly, and somewhat gleefully, "I think the President has a bit of a problem on his hands." Laura smiles. She and Maya have an easy friendship. Laura continues to instruct the kids, telling them to check out the chapter on the Twelve Colonies, and grins at Maya: "The President's problems are not our problems, are they?" They laugh a bit, and Maya addresses the kids: "That's right. Our problems are homework for everyone tonight," and they smile indulgently as the children shout. It's nice to see Laura in her element -- or I guess what she would have said was her element. I thought she was a pretty good President, all things considered. Roslin lets most of the kids go, and sends Maya and the baby home. Maya lifts the Cybrid from her cradle -- a cradle we've seen before -- and calls her "Isis."

Kara makes her way through the crowd, through food for sale, through the very real and very squalid tent city. She enters a Raptor and switches it on, dusty and tired and sad. She sits, unsure, and finally picks up the headset.

Lee finishes those noodles his father always liked when he was a Commander, and makes his way down the corridor toward Pegasus CIC. He is fat, and the hair he's kicking looked way better on Billy. "Oh, hey," he says to the glowering Dualla. "What's going on?" Dualla says he has a call, but wanders off, irritated, when he asks twice who's calling. "Right," he says, finally getting it. He takes the call: "What do you want?" Damn. That hurts. "...I need a favor," says Starbuck. Lee meets Dualla's eyes, and asks Starbuck, "Is that right?" She says she's heard that he's hoarding meds for the pilots, and Dualla -- hair long, eyes popping even more than usual, arms folded -- watches Lee wonder how she would know that. Starbuck: "Anders is sick. He has pneumonia, Lee. I think that he might die." Before Lee can answer, Dualla calls his attention to the board: "Commander." He tells Kara to hold, and Dualla tells him she's got something on dradis. "Dradis? How can you see anything in that soup?" One unknown vessel shows up, flickering in and out. "Wait, what is that?" They stare. Three, seven, ten, fifteen, thirty Raiders appear on dradis. "Oh, my Gods, it's a Cylon fleet," Dualla exclaims. "They found us. They found us." Out in orbit, a fleet of Raiders and Basestars jump in. Lee contacts his father on Galactica: "We have to get out of here, sir." Adama doesn't want to leave the settlers behind. "There's nothing we can do," says Lee. "It's taken us forever just to get to action stations over here. We're in no shape for a fight, sir." The alarms are going off on both ships as Adama protests that New Caprica will be wiped out. "We don't have a choice," Lee says intensely. "We need to get out of here right now." Helo -- now the XO on Galactica, which I'm hoping automatically means Sharon's onboard too -- alerts Adama that all the Galactica decks are reporting condition one, and Adama thinks, looking at the screen full of Cylons. "Begin jump prep. We're leaving. But we'll be back." He tells Lee to jump, and looks at Helo. The Fleet jumps away.

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