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Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II

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On Colonial One, President Roslin paces, pissed: "Down two more points. And this after hearing his notions of 'social policy.' Not to mention his wishful thinking he's calling 'security policy.' Are people really going to be that stupid? Are they really going to be that short-sighted?" Tory reminds Roslin, calmly, that Baltar's got the only real issue that's gotten anybody's attention. Roslin: "That's all anybody wants to talk about, is that frackin' planet." She catches herself and apologizes for her language, cutely, and Tory waves it off. "I know in my gut that settling on this planet's going to mean disaster for humanity," Roslin adds, "and I will not say otherwise just to win an election." Tory nods, resigned to Roslin's BS and constantly-migrating sense of civic duty: "As you wish, Madam President." Roslin almost laughs. "So I guess I should start packing up my office...Unless you have some super-secret backup plan for victory in your pocket." Tory levels her eyes at the President, chill as hell: "There's always a backup plan for victory." She holds her eyes, and Laura looks back, impassive. There is agreement that is so plausibly deniable that it didn't actually happen. Tory shoots a cuff and looks at her watch, saying brightly, back to campaign manager, "Just in time for the priest!" Roslin smiles mordantly: "Oh, good. Send him in."

There's that foxhole silence on Caprica, soldiers staring, a casualty lying on the ground at Anders's feet. Starbuck looks out at nothing through her viewfinder. Anders slumps, waking himself up, and wonders what the hell the onslaught's been doing for the last eighteen hours. That's a long time to be afraid and exhausted and prepared to shoot your lover. "They're up to something," Starbuck says, all cold and empty. "What are we up to?" Anders asks. "Got any brilliant ideas in that military brain of yours?" Starbuck doesn't move: "Do the same thing we always do. Fight 'em till we can't." I hate this. I can't stand to see anybody caged. Sharon, Gina, our guys here. Cain. Roslin. Sharon and Helo consider Starbuck, and Helo approaches, asking for the next move. Starbuck orders a recon crew, and everybody assembles. They move out in formation, thumbs up on all points, and Starbuck moves down to the line: "They're gone. They just left." Behind them appears a priest -- who's been with the Resistance, although we don't know that, and the actors all accidentally act like they're more surprised than they should be, because he starts yelling. "Thank the Gods! It's a miracle!" It's Brother Cavil, last seen counseling Chief Tyrol on getting his shit together, and he removes his hat and begins to pray. As the Resistance and rescue party assume prayer stance, Sharon considers him, looks shifty, and looks at Starbuck, but can't meet her eyes. "Lords of Kobol, we trust in your benevolence and praise your righteousness..."

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