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The Chrome Scare

Helo hurries to the rescue, carrying his bag of goodies slung over his shoulder. I think maybe Helo should have taken five minutes to turn the bag into more of a backpack. He looks like a complete idiot rushing to the rescue with his hands full. And soon he looks like an even bigger idiot, pointing his gun at nothing while a Cylon sneaks up behind him. I guess they can stop clanking when they want to. Maybe this one's in stealth mode. Helo turns around at the last minute, and the Cylon clubs the gun out of his hand and knocks him down. Helo scrambles back away from the curiously slow Cylon, trying to pick up his gun. The Cylon turns its hand into a gun in that way they do. Helo gets to the gun and fires at the Cylon's head. The Cylon collapses with a metallic shriek. Aw. One of its arms flops down atop Helo, who scrambles out from under it. It doesn't look quite right, but it's still a pretty good FX job. Helo pulls the bag off the prisoner's head to reveal a very bloody Boomer. I'm not sure what the point of the bag was. Oh, I guess Boomer can plausibly say that she doesn't know where the Cylons took her, or anything. Okay. Boomer sobs as Helo kisses her comfortingly a few times. He helps her to get up, and they hug as Helo chuckles, "Now we're even." Boomer looks off into the distance and harshly says, "I think we should go." Helo retrieves his knapsack of goodies and they stumble off. As Helo reassures Boomer that she'll be okay, they walk past another big hole in the ceiling. On the upper floor, Larry and Six stand in silhouette. Some posters were bothered by Helo's lack of peripheral vision here. I don't think it's an issue; the camera is angled up so that we see them. Peripheral vision doesn't usually get triggered by something that's a fifty yards away and twenty feet above you, y'know?

Tribunal. Hadrian asks Adama when he learned that the Cylons looked like people. Adama explains that he found out at Ragnar station, and explains that he felt telling the public would only cause panic. Hadrian notes that Adama didn't even tell the security aboard the Galactica. By which she means herself, I guess. So is her whole motive that she's annoyed about being out of the loop? Adama said that he didn't know whom to trust, so it seemed safer to keep the news "compartmentalized." Hadrian suggests that security procedures would have been different if they'd known about humanoid Cylons, and that maybe the bombing wouldn't have happened. Adama refuses to speculate. Hadrian asks whether Adama thinks a Cylon agent blew up the water tanks. He does. Hadrian asks if he thinks there are Cylon agents aboard the Galactica. He does. Hadrian says that Adama knew about Tyrol's relationship with Boomer. Adama says he doesn't see the relevance of that. Hadrian snaps, "My questions are not subject to Commander's review." She asks why he allowed the romance to continue. Adama says, "I'm a soft touch." The tribunes trade glances and cover their mouths. Heh. Hadrian angrily suggests that by permitting the relationship to continue, Adama allowed "two Cylon collaborators to compromise the safety and security of this ship." Adama sighs, says, "We're done here," and stands up. Oh lord, here we go.

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