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The Chrome Scare

Hadrian says that she's not done questioning Adama. Adama says, "You've lost sight of the purpose of the law: to protect its citizens, not persecute them. Whatever we are, whatever's left of us, we're better than that." This whole episode was written around that line, wasn't it? He adds that the tribunal is over, and thanks the tribunes for their help. One of the tribunes says, "This is an independent board. You have no authority to close our inquiry." Adama moves back to the center of the room and declares, "This is a witch hunt. I will not have it aboard my ship." Everyone says, "Oh, good point," and accepts that, because he's Adama. Well, first Hadrian orders the stormtroopers to stop Adama from leaving and return him to the witness chair. The stormtroopers obediently block Adama's path. Gee, he's not overly tall, is he? Adama tells the head stormtrooper to confine Hadrian to her quarters. He adds, "Make your choice, son." I sigh heavily. The stormtrooper hesitates, and finally gets out of Adama's way and asks Hadrian to come with them. The tribunes say, "[Excited murmuring]!" Sorry to bring up Babylon 5 again, because it's not like that show was flawless, but when they did a similar concept with the Nightwatch, it was an growing issue for over a dozen episodes before things came to a head. This wouldn't have seemed nearly so hamfisted if the investigation had been built up for a few episodes, with Hadrian gradually getting too paranoid to do her job. The fact that she was very nearly right is completely overshadowed by the fact that it takes her just a day to go completely bonkers, and maybe the writers didn't want us to come away thinking that, gee, actually witch hunts might not be such a bad idea, but give us a little more credit than that, okay?

Calmer murmuring is taking place aboard the Prez's ship as she begins another press conference. She tells the reporters that the investigation has been closed.

On the flight deck, Tyrol is working as the broadcast continues. The Prez explains that the Cylon got to the explosives through a hatch in the hanger deck. She adds that the door was left open due to negligence by Gallant, and that he's been stripped of his rank and confined to the brig. Tyrol stops working and listens, shocked.

Reporters: So the Cylon just happened to try to use that hatch when Gallant just happened to leave it open?
The Prez: Yup! Boy, coincidences are wacky, aren't they?

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