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The Chrome Scare

As the Prez speaks, we pan past Starbuck, listening over a radio in sickbay. Well, that answers one question. Only forty to go.

Tyrol's crewmen listen as they work. The Prez adds that she is about to share some information that only a few people have known.

Adama's quarters. Adama and Tigh are listening as well. Tigh moans, "Cat's out of the bag."

We return to the Prez as she says, "The Cylons have the ability to mimic human form. They look like us now." The reporters say, "[Shocked murmuring]."

The flight crew are also shocked when the Prez adds that the bomber on the Galactica was a Cylon agent. I don't know why they're saying "Cylon agent" instead of just "Cylon." Maybe they're hedging their bets or something. Tyrol wheels around and stares at Boomer, standing nearby.

Billy reveals a large rectangular (!) poster of Larry, as the Prez explains that he "slipped aboard the Galactica with a civilian group, killed a Marine guard, stole the explosives, and detonated them." Another poster is unveiled, with a photo of dead Leoben Conoy on it. The Prez explains that Leoben's a Cylon too, and that there are multiple copies of each model. She suggests that anyone who sees these guys contact the Galactica and her office. The Prez removes her glasses to convey sincerity and tells the press, "Now I'll take your questions." Pandemonium ensues.

Flight Deck. Crewman Goofus grumbles, "They've known about this the whole time; they just decided to tell us now?" Gallant goes from zero to paranoid in ten seconds. Cally wishes she didn't know about any of it. Hadrian marches onto the deck with two soldiers escorting her. Two soldiers in space-riot gear. Because subtlety is for losers. Hadrian tells Boomer and Tyrol that they need to come with her. Goofus and Gallant march over and ask whether Tyrol's being arrested. They don't care if Boomer's arrested, heh. Hadrian tries to calm them down, and then Crashdown (I think. All these guys with crewcuts look alike to me) hurries over to perform a notably bad line reading of "What's the meaning of all this?" "It's a metaphor about Homeland Security," Cally whispers. No, actually Hadrian just orders Crashdown to step back from her jackbooted thugs. Tyrol tells Hadrian, "The lieutenant asked you a question, Sergeant." Nyah. Hadrian says that there's a tribunal investigating the bombing, and that they'd like to have a little chat with Boomer and Tyrol. Crashdown ponders this, and finally mutters, "Proceed," and slinks away. Tyrol puts Cally in charge until he gets back. Cally thinks, "I totally could have bitten Hadrian's ear off."

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Battlestar Galactica




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