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The Chrome Scare

Caprica. Larry says, "Sharon..." and when Boomer turns, he swats her across the face. While Boomer gets up, Six takes off her jacket and hands it to Larry. Six wonders, "Is that enough?" and examines Boomer's face. Six decides, "Sharon wouldn't give up without a much harder fight." And then there's a pretty cool slightly-sped-up shot of Six punching at the camera. She punches Sharon in the face a few times. I love that Larry holds Six's jacket. And I love that Six actually punches Boomer, while Larry just slapped her with the back of his hand. We go to a long shot as Six kicks Boomer in the gut, then hauls her up for some more punching-bag action.

Adama's Quarters. The Prez phones in some exposition, mentioning that Gallant was charged with "conspiracy and collusion with the Cylon agents." Adama says that he's read the transcripts, and that he's not convinced of Gallant's guilt. The Prez asks about Tyrol, and wonders why he took the 23rd. Adama reminds us that remaining silent cannot be taken as evidence of guilt. The interesting thing about it being the 23rd instead of the 5th is, do you think they've got more rights than we do? Or are they just more specific in describing them? The Prez sniffs, "You sound like a lawyer." Adama admits that his father was a civil liberties attorney. The Prez says that she understands why Adama would defend his men, but that Tyrol must be hiding something. Adama says that if Tyrol wanted to sabotage the Galactica, he'd have ample opportunity. He says, "This is over." And then some stormtroopers march in. Adama calmly tells the Prez that he'll have to call her back, and ends the call. Then he barks, "What?" The head stormtrooper explains that they've been ordered to bring Adama before the tribunal. Adama picks up his glasses from where they rest atop a book. As several posters noticed, the book is a nice, leather-bound Reader's Digest anthology. Adama puts on his glasses and goes with the stormtroopers while, offscreen, a poor prop guy explains that he was too busy cutting octagons to mock up a book cover.

Helo eases on down the road. He sees a flock of pigeons flying out of a building, disturbed by something.

Helo enters the abandoned building, metallic clanks audible in the distance. He sneaks around piles of rubble with his gun drawn for a while. Eventually, he comes upon a hole broken through the floor, and through it he sees a Cylon robot dragging along a prisoner with a bag over her head.

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