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The Girl Kneeling By The River

Lee doesn't see it. Dee, back on CIC, doesn't see it. Eos kidnapped Cephalus one day, when he was hunting. Sometimes you're the interrogator, sometimes you're the prisoner. Cephalus was already married to Procris, but that didn't stop him loving Eos too. Eventually -- you know how Gods are, so impatient -- she got sick of him pining for Procris, and she sent him back, cursing them both. Procris was a jealous wife, and was spying on him one day when she heard Cephalus singing to the wind, aura. She thought he was singing to Aurora, and she surprised him, and he killed her, and they died. She thought the wind was the morning coming, and it was the scariest thing she could think of: that her husband was still in love with the goddess of the dawn. So at least Dualla's cooler than her, you have to give her that: her bug room's a lot closer to Kara's than we've gotten to hear about yet, I think.

"Apollo, Starbuck. Weapons hot. Committing. This time I'm gonna drag him back and dump his sorry ass on the hangar deck." Tigh and Adama worry and stare, on CIC; Adama calls like the twentieth Condition One since Kara started going nuts.

The storm. Apollo's lost Kara on dradis; he's blind. He can't find her, in the Eye; he begins to shout. She ignores him again, heading down after the Raider. "Starbuck, report! Starbuck, report! Do you read me? Starbuck, report! Starbuck!" Maybe she would have stopped this time, if his voice had gotten to her in time, but she's finally flown too low: her canopy cracks, or is shot through, and the wind is whistling, and she starts to pass out, flying deeper into the storm. And Lee's still screaming as she goes. "Starbuck, I have zero visibility. Starbuck, are you out there? Kara!"

Delphi, Old Caprica. The alarms of Kara's Viper become a clock radio, blaring a wakeup call. It's dawn. She slaps the clock and the radio begins to speak. "Good morning, Delphi. Got another hot one in store for you today! Time to head for the beach. Weatherman says we can expect..." A hand switches it off again: Leoben's. Leoben Conoy has hands. "Rise and shine," he says, caressing her hair, sitting down at her side on her pallet, smiling tenderly. "We have a big day ahead of us. Come on."

Later, Starbuck's not buying it: "I'm out cold on a Cylon ship, and you drugged me to play your frakkin' mind games..." I have to admit that was my first reaction, too. He shakes his head. "No games, Kara. It's about your destiny." She picks up a bottle and nails the Eye on her wall without ever looking away from him. It's one movement, a physical jerk, but I think it's my favorite moment of the whole episode. In this episode there are three Karas at least; I mean to say that there are at least three people in this episode that are Kara for sure, and we know that because they look like her. There's the little Kore one, with her bloody nose and her righteous eyes, and there's the one we know, the one in freefall. And there's the one we're about to meet, the one we met so long ago. And this movement is the definitive statement of all of these, moving as one woman, at once: a reaction to the word "destiny" and the violence it connotes. For her and for us all. We're all of us, inside, every age we've ever been, somewhere in there. Stuff this intense, and this basic, you'd be surprised sometimes who gets the talking stick. "I write my own destiny," she hisses, and sits down at the other end of the coffee table, facing away from him. This is my second favorite line, I rewound it several times to make sure: "I didn't paint that symbol, Kara. You did. In the clouds, didn't you?"

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