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Queen Me

"There's no need to be shy! Tell her how it feels to be in the resplendent presence of one of the Fabulous Final Five." Ellen is as kind as a God can be: "He's taking a risk, exposing you to me. It's not easy winning his trust. How'd you do it?" Fucking -- "a certain rapport," which word, given the ugly payment she received on Galactica for her devotion to Adama, is entirely apropos -- and Ellen is as grossed out as a scientist can be. She and John fight over his "real" name, and she asks, bitterly, if John's taught her the Swirl yet. Not yet, but he's about to! The Twist, too. "If you'll excuse me, I have some people to kill," John coughs, and his mother laughs at him. "Why John, I think you're blushing!"

He turns this into a complaint about the human blood pressure of his human body, and tells Boomer to stay behind: No, no, no. You should stay. Stay and have a heart-to-heart with your creator here. You can ask her why she made you the way you are." She looks at Ellen. "Self-destructive. Hyperemotional. Torn apart by conflicting impulses..." Boomer makes a scary face, but it's borrowed rage. Some new dance to learn. "Tell her how extraordinarily happy this makes you." He leaves, but you know what? Boomer rocks. Sharon Valerii-Agathon rocks. It's Cavil that made her sad, put her into hell without any choices at all. What we are, what we do: very different options. Bringing her into his little one-person passion play is the best way of demonstrating just how many choices she has left.

From the platter she brought into the room, Ellen offers Boomer the apple. It's so much more than a simple recapitulation of the Eve story: Ellen is Sophia, another iteration of Eve herself, offering to share what she knows. "You know why he brought you in here? He likes an audience. Someone to nod when he talks about justice." She's only tying to help, to teach this model and love her into reality like she did so many times before: "Watch, Boomer. Make up your own mind." Boomer stares, terrified of just this, burned so many times she tried to do so; Ellen sits, bites into the apple, relishing it. Boomer does too but we can't see it yet: Queen me.

Kara looks down while her husband continues to talk himself into the grave, the rest of the Dylons standing watch like Boomer. "We all worked in the same research facility. You and Ellen, you were married then too. You two lived together," he says excitedly, pointing to Tory and the Chief, and even Galen laughs: "What, like roommates?" Hell, he looked gay to me too. Sam grins: "No, you were madly in love, you were planning on getting married." Kara laughs along with Galen; Tory's as nice as somebody could be once they've realized their life actually is a cosmic joke. Saul remembers what Ellen said, on Earth, about how they'd be reborn, and Sam nods. "Yeah, on a ship that we placed in orbit around the planet." They were "warned," he says, explaining that "organic memory transfer came from Kobol, along with the Thirteenth Tribe" but "fell out of use after our people started to procreate." They worked night and day to rebuild it; Galen's work was amazing, but it was Ellen "who made the intuitive leap that brought the system back online." Cottle worries about Sam's state, and takes him away over much protesting.

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