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...Chief in the corridor, moving back from his creepy meeting with Bill to the sickbay, waiting on Sam. Saul's wigging because they apparently taught the Centurions both skinjobs and Resurrection; Tory's staring into space because none of this is her problem; Chief's reminding him that the Final Five also singlehandedly ended the First Cylon War: "We bought time for humanity, right?" Saul remembers the Old Man's speech from the mini, about owning up to what we made, and says that like it or not, "what we made" in this circumstance means "the destruction of the Colonies." Tory bullshittily and prissily reminds him that the humans on Kobol made the Final Five (and possibly the Thirteenth) to begin with, which is just barely true, so it's still "them." Dang, Tory. Pull it together. Saul -- proving once again that he's well beyond anybody else -- says that playing that game just takes you back past Iphigenia to "some germ ... splitting in two," and he'd prefer to feel guilty for stuff he actually feels guilty for: "Maybe we share the guilt with the humans, but we don't get to just shove it off onto them." That's precisely half the answer.

Inside, Hodgman/Gerard explains how the seizure is good because he was able to find the bullet because it pointed to its lodging. Sam nods: "Mm-hmm, the vascular ring, that's what binds the thoughts in tight sheaves in the field, you need that." Metaphor is all he can do right now, but Kara can't see it. She comforts and hushes; Gerard explains his plan to remove the bullet and repair the blocked artery ("if it happens again, we're talking major hemorrhage, I mean, death within minutes"), but Sam fairly quickly realizes this possibly (or, on TV, obviously) means no more memories or visions, and freaks.

"No no no then we need to hold off until I that circle start and then then then the words are..." Gerard explains to Kara that the language center is being messed with, but that's not exactly right either; Cottle bottom-lines her that there's a bullet in his head and he doesn't think that's really a problem and could she exercise her marital rights and take care of this. "We why wait what no that's not the first opening that's not that's not the random motor that's frak it Godsdamn it," he says, and pulls it together: "Kara, I'm okay. I'm fine. Okay? I'm okay. Please, don't take this away from me. I need more time, okay?" He begs, with his eyes; her heart breaks. She tells them to prep for surgery, because she's not selfish. She isn't going to wait for the Truth about Kara if it means killing Sam. She loves him. Even Sam can't believe that, begging for more time, and she nods sadly. "You have until they knock you out." He nods, dealing with that, and she tries to will him into relevance: "You have the words, Sam."

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