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Sam keeps going into weird seizures and losing track of shit and going aphasic, and just when Kara (as his legal tattooed wife) is done watching him slowly bleed to white and sends his ass to surgery, he mentions Daniel, Number Seven, which holds special significance for her. Afterwards, he wakes up brain dead, meaning that once again Kara has fucked not only herself, but also the Final Five, humanity, the Cylons, and generally the entire blueprint of whoever's pulling these strings. That's our girl!

In other news, Chief gets his job back and reveals to Bill that the Galactica is falling apart on a much more basic level than just weakened beams and struts, and offers a biological compound from the Baseship that will heal her, while also making her Cylon. Bill of course balks at this, but eventually comes around. And on Colonial One, Laura and Lee mourn the dead Quorum and decide to reboot representative Colonial government by ignoring the obsolete Twelve Colonies altogether and going with the Ships' Captains system . She also makes him the de facto President, secretly. Three decisions by Laura and Bill that I completely agree with, personally, but could have massive PR consequences.

And that's the recap. Even with the Gnostic rant, that wasn't so bad. Now comes the crazy. Fair warning. Just be glad that around the fifth draft I deleted my six pages of Sartre and Milton and Wolfe quotes. Slimmed that shit right down.

Have you read Neuromancer? The creation of a unity explodes into multiplicity, as things tend to do. Monoculture begets polytheism, temporary autonomous zones, locative representation, Big Bangs. And then before you know it, things get burnt off and unify again. The edges between us get fuzzier and fuzzier until we understand the joke, and who painted the sky. Of course, and I'm code-switching really bad and I apologize, but in physics, by the Hartle-Hawking wave function, this never actually happens because the universe is precisely as big as the universe at any given time, but we've already talked about how psychologically and thus mythologically you have to pretend it's real. And in any case I'm more comfortable with a universe of flux than I am with anything else, because we're all just sine waves when it comes down to it: sometimes up, sometimes down. And when you're down, you dream of heaven, and when you're up, you dream of hell, and if you add the four things together, that's God, the universe and everything. The entire job of the unconscious is to know the stuff you're too busy to know right now, and send you little hints and notes in your dreams, which means every human mind is the sum total of stuff you think and stuff you don't know you think, which is also the sum total of the universe.

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