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The Part That Stays Free

Chief complains to Tigh that there's no point in blowing up Duck if Galactica is coming, if the nightmare is over, but Tigh says they need to have a full uprising cooking when they come. It's beer o'clock. He says the only possible reason they would abort is if Chief's secret sources say that Gaius isn't going to be there. Except also, though, Duck has eyeballs and will know if he's there or not, and it's a lot easier to get work to Duck about the change in plans than it is to run around flipping dog bowls over. Chief runs and runs to the secret place; jangly Mediterranean rock-out and poundy drums don't actually make this part more interesting or exciting. Am I missing something? I am fully willing to admit that I am missing something. The bowl remains unflipped and Chief is sad and goes back to Mantua or whatever, and then immediately Gaeta shows up and flips the bowl, but it's too late, and complicating the lameness is how the camera travels up his body all: "CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'S GAETA?" and there's an insert shot of Gaeta putting a note in the secret place and the note says: "Baltar not at graduation!" Which will be obvious when he gets there, and I don't... whatever. I guess it makes it more tragic that he does it for no reason, except there's nothing tragic about suicide bombers no matter the circumstance: they are assholes, and they go to hell. That's no more tragic than any other kind of suicide; it's all the same kind of suicide. Duck can go fuck himself.

Oh, he's about to: Duck straps explosives all around his midsection. It's so ugly. He looks at himself in a cracked mirror and gets his SS gear together, carries his duffle bag toward a Cylon building with Centurions everywhere. I think one of them stops to check him out but doesn't really care. Neither of them are human now. He stands in his uniform surrounded by NCP; Jammer calls out to him but he doesn't hear. They fall into formation, black jackboots in a line. Three mounts the podium. "Good morning, and welcome to all graduates. You are the hope, you're the dream of a new tomorrow, for humans and Cylon alike, and I salute you for the risks that you have taken for just showing up today."

Tigh listens, or maybe just stares: "Today you begin a new career and a new life as provisional police officers."

Chief and Cally in bed with their son: "Looking out across this room, I see the significance of this new path is not lost on you. Congratulations."

Three works her way down the line, shaking hands and putting a kind or meaningful hand on each shoulder: "Good to have you with us. Congratulations." Doral follows behind, handing them their medals.

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Battlestar Galactica




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