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The Part That Stays Free

Leoben brings Kara: potatoes, gravy, "even some carrots." From the farms that represent a beautiful future for Cylon and human alike, somewhere far away. She sits at the table and a heavy raider flies over, shaking the house. Leoben smiles and she stares back; he sits down and she stares back. Her hair is very long and she looks very beautiful and very empty. She looks down reverently as he begins to pray to his scary alien God: "Heavenly Father, we thank You for the bounty of this table... "

Ellen fucks Cavil hard and calls him a son of a bitch; his cries are loud and not anything I was ever interested in hearing. He laughs grossly as she climbs off and pulls her panties up.

Chief and Anders are in a port or something, the Heavy Raider sound carrying us from scene to scene and landing here. They behind some junk and watch her come down.

Kara watches Leoben begin to eat; he notices and looks at her. "I need a knife," she says quietly, ashamed. He comes around the table and cuts her steak for her, like a child. She stares up. "Thank you." He finishes and looks at her tiny smile. "You're welcome." She watches his hands.

Ellen's dressed, face all fracked up, back to Cavil, who assures her he quite enjoyed that. She smiles hatefully, seductively. "I'm so glad." Without turning around: "... And when do I get what I want?" Right now, he says. She'll trade that thing she gives freely for the part of her that stays free, no matter how broken he's become. She's the only person I approve of this week. Which is generally how it goes, with Ellen and me.

Cavil taps his hands upon the chair, looking down at Tigh with his glasses on. "We reviewed your case today, and I must say there was great disappointment on the review committee." Tap tap tap. He drags -- not carries -- the chair out, leaving Tigh in a beam of light, in the corner, all alone. The door's still open; Tigh looks at it and Cavil jumps back into the doorway; Tigh flinches with his entire body. "Colonel, come on. I'm not going to hold this door open forever." He stands; he can hardly walk. Outside, his wife waits for him. She spots him and shouts his name, running to him with all the love and care she can muster. The ways she can show him how much she loves him, when so much of what she's done for him must be secret. She cries out, "What did they do to you?" He shakes his head: "I'm out. That's all that matters." They limp home.

In the bay, Chief and Anders watch a Six and an Eight, looking around creepily as they walk toward a Raider; there are Centurions everywhere. "Now," says Anders, low, and the bomb doesn't immediately go off. They stress out; eventually it connects and blows the Raider and the Cylons to hell. They cheer: "galen" means "physician" but this is surgery. This is the part of him that stays free. This is the part of Anders that kept him alive for a year. Ellen and Tigh watch from the center of town as black smoke rises, beyond the detention center.

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Battlestar Galactica




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