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Admiral Cain, She Dead

We're standing in Adama's office with Lee and Kara, who are the news of their transfer. Adama tries to explain the whole thing about how, in the actual military, you have to follow orders, and he's damned understanding of the fact that that's only rarely the case on Galactica, so it's a bit of an adjustment. Kara -- this is beautiful, because it's very subtle -- glances over at Lee to see if he's going to start bitching, which: come on, and then they both start in simultaneously. Apollo's making a military appeal, that Cain's "fracking up the entire roster on the eve of a major Cylon operation," while Starbuck makes the, um, Starbuck appeal: Admiral Cain is an asshole, this is a load of crap, and the other CAG is a piece of shit. Highlights their coping strategies nicely, I think. Adama snaps them to attention and tells them to carry out their orders. Hilariously, Starbuck asks permission to speak freely and, perhaps thinking of how well that worked out with Dee, Adama denies it wholeheartedly. The twins are dismissed and slouch out like they have to mow not just the back yard but the front one too. It's hilarious, but also lovely, because their chemistry works so much better as very tight, very antagonistic siblings. I mean, I like it both ways -- that kiss in "Home" was adorable and pretty much non-sexual -- but they're so appealing when they're grinning and fighting and Kara's all, "Daaaad! Lee's touching my side of the seat! AGAIN!"

To the Pegasus briefing room, which is, as you can imagine, totally shiny and cool and high-tech. Why can't we have nice things? Taylor is briefing them on the first mission against the Cylon Fleet, photo recon on the mystery ship. He wants to hide behind a moon in the system, and Starbuck starts whispering and giggling to Apollo about the plan. I love these military school "I'm your momma now" scenes with Starbuck, how she keeps getting to go, "WHAT? I'm in the what, now? Adama lets us do whatever we want and we don't have bedtimes and even though I steal a Viper once every four episodes and run off into the wild blue yonder and the whole Fleet has to come save my ass, it's okay every time! What IS this shit?" Taylor finally calls on her, and the giggling Starbuck goes from back-of-the-class joking to really fucking hostile superquick: "Your plan sucks." The other pilots gasp quietly as she continues: "...And the Cylons aren't stupid. That moon's a blind spot. They'll never go near it." Everybody shifts around nervously because you never know when Cain's going to show up and shoot you in the head. "You really want to get close? You've got to use the stealth fighter we constructed aboard Galactica." Whiplash, the pilot she was messing with earlier, speaks up, calling it a "homemade tin can," and before she can beat his ass, Taylor tosses Starbuck off the mission. She looks to Apollo, of all people, and they're both kind of WTF. Taylor puts Whiplash and "Thumper" into action and says that Apollo will be piloting a Raptor with Taylor. Ouch. Starbuck complains about all of everything in the world and points out that "driving a fracking Raptor" is "humiliating," which, go tell Boomer and Helo that, but I know what she means. Lee sneaks Starbuck a bag with a camera and tells her to do her own recon mission in the Blackbird, and they grin conspiratorially. As they break, she claps him on the shoulder and takes off grinning.

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