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Admiral Cain, She Dead

Vireem tells Gage that Thorne's plan is to "break her in a little" before he gives Sharon to the crew, and Helo about snaps. Chief pulls him back, and Helo asks who the hell Thorne is. "Lieutenant Thorne, sir." That sir should tell you more than enough about how drunk and out of the loop Gage is, as to where this scene is headed. Chief keeps calming Helo down in this soothing, repetitive, very insightful tone: "No, no, no, no." Like he's saying "Shhh." It's really a great character moment for Chief, because he's such an even, calming, good guy, even as he's hearing this shit. "Cylon interrogator," Gage continues. "Rides 'em hard and keeps 'em talkin'." Helo and Chief look at each other intensely. Vireem, a bit quicker on the uptake, shouts, "Your little robot girl is in for quite a ride." There's a yee-haw, and Helo lunges. Again, Chief pulls him back, pointing out that they have somewhere they both should really, really be right now, and they take off together.

Thorne continues beating hell out of Sharon, and she's crying. "What the frack?" she screams, and it's a very real moment, like when Thorne first walked in, that reminds you: She's Sharon Valerii. Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharon "Boomer" Valerii, pilot T-990429, from Aerolon Colony. Cylon or not, she's a Colonist and a Raptor pilot on the inside, in her heart, and this kind of thing is just not done in the Fleet. It doesn't compute. She's also pregnant with some kind of Messiah baby, which explains her state of mind further. Thorne tells the men to hold her, and pushes her face-first onto the bed. A Marine kneels on the other side of the bed, holding her arms above her head. Face down with your arms restrained is the hardest possible position to get out of. Thorne grabs at his pants. I don't want to talk about this anymore.

In the corridor, Helo and Tyrol are running very fast and pushing people out of the way. Chief continues with the single-word thoughts, shouting "Move, move, move, move!" He and Helo enter Sharon's cell as Thorne is pulling down his pants. Over her screams and crying, Chief and Helo start beating the fuck out of the men. Chief hurls Thorne down and his head is bloodied on a cell bolt. I hope the fucker's dead. The guys start beating up the other Marines, but the armed guards recover from the surprise and pull their guns. One very nervous guard orders them onto their knees, and they comply. Another guard takes Thorne's vitals and pronounces him good and fucking dead. Helo and Chief kneel, breathing hard, still enraged. Sharon curls, sobbing, over her knees and onto the floor, and pulls a pitifully small blanket off the cot, over her head, to hide her face.

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