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Admiral Cain, She Dead

In Taylor's Raptor, he's being such a dick that Moore giggles about it on the podcast: "I love what a fucking prick this guy is!" Taylor bugs Lee about his "distraction," and Apollo notes that two of his friends have been arrested for treason. Taylor suggests that this be filed under "not [his] problem," and snaps a bunch of nothing at Lee, before setting their jump mark at ten minutes.

Cally approaches Adama for word on Chief, and Adama says Chief's going to stand trial. Gaeta interrupts Adama's comforting of Cally with a call from Tigh at CIC. Tigh says that, per Fisk, the court martial has...ended. Adama asks the appropriate question, which is, "When exactly did it start?" Tigh doesn't know, because of course it didn't really happen, but says that the verdict is execution, for murder and treason. Adama stares up, then down, and then almost breaks. Cally's eyes get wide as Adama orders a Marine strike team to action in a Raptor, and then activates the alert fighters. He sends Cally off with a gruff "You have work to do," and they take off. There are very good violins that go crazy now.

Adama duallas to Cain that she is full of shit and gave the guys no kind of fair trial. Throughout this scene, the cameras on Galactica and Pegasus CIC deck and it's very intense. Cain imperiously assures Adama that she was very fair, weighing their statements and the guards', and taking into consideration their service records and commendations. I like that she included that last part, like it proves that this wasn't a Kangaroo Court. Cain: "It was a difficult decision, Commander, but I dare say it was a fair one." Adama points out Helo and Chief's right to a jury trial, and Cain response is...not comprehensible to me personally but you probably know what she means: "I am a flag officer on detached service during a time of war." The "time of war" part, I get that, but the other stuff I don't know why it's important. Adama -- this is great -- covers the phone with his hand, because even though this is the future we still use payphones, which I do enjoy stylistically, and tells Tigh to launch the fighters. He then uncovers the phone to bitch at Cain some more. Cain takes offense when Adama says, "I'm not going to let you execute my men," and she strongly suggests that he rephrase.

Fisk tells the Admiral that Galactica is launching Vipers and a Raptor, and Cain asks Adama why on Earth he's doing that. I love her take on this scene, like no matter what they are going to be having a civil conversation, while at the same time notifying him that she's got his Vipers on dradis. It's all very 24, this. (Actually, this whole episode has a very frantic, intense 24 vibe about it, only on that show, all the people act like robots and you don't care about their feelings, while on this show, all the robots act like people, and you do. I'm not hating, I'm just noticing: it's not even a dis, I like them both, but the point of 24 is radically not feelings, psychology, ontology, or theology, while the point of this show kind of...radically is.) Adama responds, equally politely, with a request that Cain arrange for Chief and Helo to be handed over to the Galactica Marines when they arrive. Cain slightly breaks here, with a simmering hysteria: "I don't take orders from you!" And Adama, given the perfect opening, simply says, "Call it whatever you like." Cain closes her eyes, because again, she thinks she's right, or just that it makes no difference who's right, but either way, Adama's being crazy: "You are making such a mistake." Adama promises a third time to get his men, and then hangs the hell up on her. The Pegasus crew stares at Cain, who looks blankly at her board a second, and then calls them to action stations. Fisk, the XO who at least called Tigh about the whole execution thing, points out that this is going to be spiraling out of control immediately, and Michelle Forbes -- eyes still closed, tired but not overwhelmed -- delivers this next line beautifully: "Launch the alert Vipers. Adama has taken us over the line, he's left me with no choice: launch the alert Vipers." I'd be willing to bet that last repeat was an ad-lib, even though the dialogue in this episode uses repetition to good effect throughout, but she just says it so perfectly: determination, exhaustion, frustration, and willing Fisk's common sense right the hell out of her head before she has to shoot another one.

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