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Admiral Cain, She Dead

Over the flickering light of Cain's suddenly combusting pants, Adama shows his appreciation. Roslin looks down like she's going to cry, because she just got this one on her side and now she's going to have to housebreak an insane military commander. Cain calls Roslin on this one, too, and I love that, because it's like, finally somebody's noticing how emotive McDonnell's acting really is. Men look at bodies first, women look at faces. Not that there's a whole lot of that kind of boy/girl talk necessary, especially with this very progressive show, and not that Cain is human enough to be called a "woman" anymore, but it's interesting. Tigh wouldn't notice a reaction that subtle if it were his own. Which wouldn't happen anyway, because he's permanently set to "drunk and grumpy," but you know what I mean. Thinking that this means emotions and sentiment are on the table, Roslin fucks up by explaining: "It's just...the Commander and I, we've been through a lot." That's a dumb move, Madame President, because Cain has literally no use for you whatsoever: you're a woman, you're not her elected president, you're a woman, a schoolteacher, a civilian, and a woman. Really, all you've told her is: "I've infected Adama with bad judgment and Lifetime movies. And now we're all going to have a nice cry together."

Luckily, Billy (hi Billy!) shows up before Roslin shoves her dainty foot further into her mouth; he pulls her away to do President stuff. (Bye Billy!) She shakes Cain's hand and there's a tiny emphasis on the pronoun here: "I can't tell you how grateful we are to have you here. Thank you for finding us." On the one hand, she's showing solidarity between the "we" of herself and Adama, and the "we" of the Fleet's civilians and Galactica, but then she follows it up with that thanks for "finding us," which is technically true but also strokes Cain's personal belief that she's the main character on this show. Which is what happens in survivor mode, where she is, and where she will never be allowed to leave. Things get intense, nonetheless. After Roslin leaves, Cain turns a face of real, actual disgust to Adama: "The Secretary of Education?" In that exhausted way he has, Adama simply offers that she's "come a long way." I like that he's allowing himself to get pulled into Cain's whole Season 1 vibe about that, instead of jumping angrily to Laura's defense -- it's a nice balance that should chill her out on being paranoid w/r/t Adama's loyalties. Cain somewhat sassily swings her hair with an "I'm sure."

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