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Admiral Cain, She Dead

Gaius and Cain round a corner in the corridor as he's explaining that as head of Cylonology he's now focusing on "Cylon detection." Yes, and doing a bang-up job of it. Six is waiting around the corner in her red Marilyn number and smiles like a shark as Cain tells Gaius that she wants him to examine Pegasus's POW ASAP. Six whispers dreamily, "I wonder who the Cylon will turn out to be...Stranger? Familiar face? Trusted friend who suddenly turns out to be the enemy?" They make happy wiggly fingers at each other and it's very cute and kind of sexy. Cain snaps Gaius out of it, and he calls her "Commander." Ouch. She corrects him, and he apologizes for that one big-time.

In the Galactica hangar, their deck chief, name of Laird, is looking over the Blackbird Laura. He calls it "one ugly baby," but not in a mean way, and Chief begs his tech-to-tech pardon. Laird introduces himself and asks Chief politely to have a look around. Chief, realizing who he is, thanks him for some parts he's sent over, and invites him to explore. Laird notes the Blackbird's engines (DDG-62s, if you're nothing like me and will care or remember that), and informs Chief and Cally that he designed them himself. Chief and Cally have the same question: why's he on that ship if he's a civilian aeronautics engineer? I found out somewhere that Cally's not career; she was just serving a tour at the time of the massacre, with intent to leave. I don't know if I knew that and forgot it or what, but it puts a radically different spin on her scenes across the whole series, and on the character, than I had going. And her response here -- why it was her and not Chief himself, or some other hand, who wondered about that. Laird says that he was on the Scylla, which was picked up by the Pegasus: "Things happened." Like that's not cagey and Fisky enough, he changes the subject awkwardly: "Mind if I crawl around inside here? I heard you designed this yourself. I'd love to see how you did it." Chief, still digesting, gives him leave. My feeling is that this is a pointer to how the Admiral views Galactica herself: as a scrapyard from which she can take the best weapons, crew, etc. and keep her own self safe. Again, the Fleet could not matter less, because Admiral Cain is the Fleet, now.

Adama and Roslin are walking down a corridor talking about how Pegasus has been resupplying Galactica from its own reserve, but that nothing has gone to the Fleet yet. Adama assures Roslin that Cain said those supplies were on their way, and Roslin snits, "Well, at least she's taking your phone calls. I can't even get her to answer mine." Because you less than matter. Roslin takes off her glasses, which means intimacy, denial and/or bad news, just like on Buffy: "How are you doing with all this?" Adama knows that Roslin's not going to get this, because nobody's brain is naturally military, because so much of it is counterintuitive and has to be beaten into you: "She outranks me. It's as simple as that." Roslin (well-performed, this part, getting at the point in the emotional arc not only of their scene, but also their post-"Home," renegotiated relationship) murmurs comfortingly, "If President Adar stepped off that Raptor, I'd be elated -- grateful to have someone take over." Adama smiles modestly, because he knows they're on a wavelength. "And yet," she pauses. Adama: "I don't go to the and yet part. I've been taking orders my entire career. This is no different." Roslin smiles, but she's still bummed about it. She turns to go back to Colonial One -- I bet Billy's at like a five right now, stresswise, considering he came to get her from Adama's quarters about fifty scenes ago -- and thanks Adama as a Commander: "We would appreciate all the help you can give us." There's that goddamn we again. It hurts.

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