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Admiral Cain, She Dead

Tigh is in Adama's quarters, tail between his very rightfully terrified legs, spilling about his whole "officer's discretion" conversation. Adama says it sounds like Tigh and Fisk were both drunk, which is a little funny, and Tigh's response is "No question," which is much funnier, but Tigh knows straight up that Fisk wasn't lying. Good on you, Tigh. Adama can't handle Tigh making good choices, so he reins him in and begs him not to jump to conclusions. "Context matters," he gravels. Tigh goes, "'Context'?" and repeats the whole part about how Cain totally shot her XO, which: Bill, check out the context, already. Adama points out that Galactica once shot down an entire civilian transport with over a thousand people on board. "Says so right there," he says, pointing to the ship's logs he's getting ready for the Admiral. Tigh says, like a true alcoholic, "That was completely different. And we don't know there were people on that ship." Yeah we do, but I feel you here. I like Tigh in this episode all right, and I'm not just calling him a drunk as a cheap shot: it's that narcissistic "I'm super-special and your rules don't apply" followed by the complete denial of the facts that I love so much here. And I mean, of course he's getting all Mama Bear now, because Cain is going to call so much shit on their relationship that it will be amazing. After Adama expresses hope that his now-commanding officer will read the logs and comprehend the context of their more glaring fuckups, Tigh suggests getting her logs, "so we can put her in context." Adama agrees that would be nice.

Lieutenant Thorne leads Gaius (and Six) to the Pegasus brig, or wherever they're holding their prisoner. Lieutenant Thorne is a big guy who looks a bit like a Busey with silver hair going all over the place, but mostly like a nondescript Marine. Everybody's hair on the Pegasus is totally fucked up, by the way, which is a nice nod to their enreavering. Thorne warns Gaius not to get too close, and notes, "It killed seven of my crew." Six needles him, all, "You want the big, bad soldiers to protect you from the mean old Cylon prisoner?" Gaius responds to this obvious manipulation immediately, telling the Marines to back off. Gaius and Six enter the brig and Six begins to shake, utterly destroyed by what she sees. It's awful. Her emotions are rare but really, really tough sometimes. Six and Gaius approach slowly, not daring to get closer, because of how bad it is. "Oh, my God," she whispers, and she's not taking it in vain either. It's a prayer. Her hand goes to her mouth, like it did when the other Six saw Boomer's baby, and there's a long track into the glass cage, across the prisoner's prone body, her bruised, chained arms and legs, and up to her destroyed face. Six: "My God, Gaius. It's me." And even though you can't really tell right away, because she's so fucked up, it is in fact a Model Six. Her name is Gina, we'll learn in January, and either because she doesn't bleach her hair or because she's filthy, her hair is a much darker honey blonde than what we're used to. Our Six, it's tough because she barely shows feelings beyond smugness and anger, but when the other things peek out, it's devastating. The only other time we've seen her display any amount of compassion even close to this was for that baby she murdered on Caprica, which is, like, the most demanding, complicated part of the entire miniseries, emotionally. Point being, Tricia Helfer rules. Six and Gaius stare in silence and it's totally horrible watching them react. Their entire bodies get smaller and weaker and Six starts to shake, looking at herself. "Look at what they've done to her."

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