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The Dictates Of Conscience

Boomer bitches at Three that killing Tyrol's wife is going to turn him, and his labor union -- which is a good point, it's an organized faction -- against the Cylon, but Three scoffs. "In your view, there's no reason to kill anyone, right?" But see, they made this decision already. All of them together. "Just like when we decided to listen to you and Caprica when we came here, to start this new and glorious chapter in Cylon/human relations." Boomer points out that none of this democratic robot voting prattle has anything to do with killing Cally. (Meanwhile, I just took a vote among all the Jacob models, and we said, "Don't care, but if you hurt one hair on Roslin's gorgeous head... ") Three ignores her: "Nobody likes mortal death, Boomer, but... she tried to murder you. Maybe it's God's justice?" "Tried to," my entire ass; you don't get the points for that failure; you don't get to not be a murderer just because your murder was poorly executed. Boomer looks back at Cally, in a truck, making more horrible faces.

Zarek climbs into a truck next to Roslin for what turns out to be the sweetest, funniest, scariest couple of relationship scenes in the whole thing. "Need a lift, Mr. Vice President?" She's sitting in the cargo area of a military truck with her hands tied. "Haven't seen much of you lately," she says vaguely, and he tells her he's been in detention for four months. He refused to collaborate with the Cylon partnership, and Baltar "got a little pissed." He's proud, and rightly so. She shows him her cuffs: "He's a little pissed at me too." Zarek laughs. They're about to die and they know it. I've never liked Zarek as much as I do in this episode.

Boomer drops the Raptor in the valley and steps out with a contingent of Marines; Anders's party makes their way toward her, along the river. He waits with his group behind a big tree and soon enough, she calls out from across the shallow ford: "Go Panthers!" Adama's favorite team, and the rivals of the Buccaneers, Anders's team. "C-Bucks rule!" he shouts. She comes out from the green, trudges across the river, and Anders comes to meet her. She throws her arms around him and they are very still: "Sam. Been a long time." He looks at her apologetically -- "I see you every day" -- and her smiles falls a bit. They nod together, sad, and he takes her back to his party.

The trucks head out of New Caprica City; Gaeta runs from truck to truck looking for Cally.

"Lords," Kara prays, "please don't take her life. It was my mistake, don't punish her for it." Leoben puts his hand on her shoulder and comforts her: "It was an accident, Kara." Which somehow makes me sure it wasn't. Casey opens her eyes and Kara gasps: "Casey, Casey. Oh my Gods, honey." She smiles down at her and caresses her face, puts her hand in Leoben's without looking, her other hand on her daughter's arm. Casey seems to look at us between them; maybe I only want to see her as somehow sinister because I want all three of them to be playing a game. Even Leoben's taken aback by Kara's sudden turn. I hope she's fooling.

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