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The Dictates Of Conscience

The jeeps full of detainees head out into a canyon, and Cavil orders Jammer to "let them stretch their legs." So...they're dead, I guess. He calls for a five-minute rest break and everyone unloads from the truck. Cavil watches, Cally snivels. "Tell me something, Laura," says Zarek. "Last year you tried to steal the election, didn't you." She smiles up at him: "Yes, I did... Tom." He laughs. "Wish you'd gone through with it." She nods. "Me too." Me too!

Boomer hears something, at the rendezvous, and then there's strafing fire everywhere; a Marine goes down as the meeting party retreats.

Jammer grabs Cally and hauls her away, still wearing his mask. He pulls out a knife and cuts her zip cuffs. "Run. Run, don't look back. Go." He pushes her down the bluff; she gets to her feet and starts running. Jammer watches. The NCP see the Centurions coming, and run off like little bitches. Cavil steps away, and Zarek pulls Laura back as their hands flip inside out, becoming guns. And Cally runs. And as the Centurions open fire, she drops to the ground.

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