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The Dictates Of Conscience

Night time, all along the watchtower, Centurions everywhere. Jammer steps into the foreground, looking dangerous and scared. A Centurion looks at him and lets him go. There are nervous whispers as the SS comes together for the raid. Obeying the dictates of their consciences. A very Earth-like military truck pulls up, and Cavil gets out in his crazy Night Of The Hunter garb with the creepy flat-brimmed hat. "Everything clear?" he asks Jammer, tells him not to worry. "We have your back." Jammer looks from him to the "we": scores of Centurions everywhere in lines.

Anders and the Chief discuss the latest retaliation: the Cylons have cut food rations. They have two minutes to wait until the next transmission from the Galactica Raptor; the Cylons have suggested they might shut down the marketplace, as a security risk. Tigh shrugs and says they'll come up with a new plan, freaking out Chief. That's the most innocent combat zone you can think of, it's horrible. "We need to figure out whose side we're on." Tigh gives... a very lovely speech. "Which side are we on? We're on the side of the demons, Chief. We're evil men in the gardens of paradise, sent by the forces of death, to spread devastation and destruction wherever we go. I'm surprised you didn't know that." (He doesn't watch Doctor Who, I guess.) Anders and the Chief both get gut-sick OMG faces and the Raptor establishes contact. Tigh lights a cigarette and hobbles around madly, telling him to send their sitrep twice. "1150 armed effectives," it says. Against an army that cannot die.

Jammer looks at the detainee list for tonight's raid and wigs on Cavil. "I know some of these people!" Cavil is unsurprised. "They're all insurgents, Jammer. We have to break the cycle of violence." Oh, well then. Because it's such a great thing they're doing, everybody puts on black balaclavas; Cavil tells them they won't have to wear the masks much longer. "Eventually the people will see you as heroes." Jammer sighs: "Not tonight." Things shift to night vision, green and black. Jammer directs the squads out into the city and we see people being taken, disappeared, in the dead of night. A man, a woman. Cally. A man knocks down Baby Nick's mobile as he screams and his mother struggles. They load Cally into a truck and she stares out, scared stupid.

Later, all alone in the Tyrol tent, the baby cries. Chief enters, sees the signs of struggle, lights on the empty bed, and picks up his son. "Momma's coming back. It's okay. It's okay."

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