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The Dictates Of Conscience

Big meeting of the Fleet leadership. Helo reads about the 1150 members of the Resistance -- "That's way less than there should be" -- and Dualla's like, "Probably because they're all dying in horrible ways?" Admiral Adama notes also that the Cylons took all the launch keys from the ships they left on the ground, and nobody knows where they are. Kat suggests they manufacture new launch keys and bring them along, but Lee says it'll take forever and it's too hard. Bill agrees, saying the best option is to let Saul and the guys on the ground find the keys themselves. Dualla asks if the Cylons might have permanently destroyed them, but Kat and Helo know those ships are too valuable. She suggests that they make a weapons drop to the insurgents, to help them get the keys and get mobile, but Lee -- who's very Tigh-like right now, due to the fact that he doesn't care what happens to New Caprica -- says the Cylons would notice the firepower, and then they'd know about the Raptor, and then "your plan" is fracked. Everybody looks at him like, You are so Tigh right now. All their faces are saying, he's been like this for four months; Kat says, "Funny, I thought this was our plan." Shut up, Kat, except not exactly, because she's cool now, and Lee sucks twice as much as ever. Bill keeps the tense meeting moving right along.

The SS walk the streets; Chief and Gaeta discuss Cally in that insouciant leaning-against-things way that secret agents have. Gaeta tells Chief that he knows neither why or how long she'll be taken. Chief bitches at him at length; they call each other by first names. Gaeta is apologetic about everything but Chief's freaking out; he calls Gaeta a collaborator and makes to run off in a snit. Gaeta promises to try and find things out, and because Chief I guess still doesn't know he's the administration mole, acts like Gaeta's useless. He might know and just be acting like this because he's freaked, but they made such a big deal last episode about how the mole must stay secret. But it's pretty obvious that Gaius and Caprica know that he's double-dealing, so I don't know why that would still need to be true. Chief's just out of his mind and there's no talking to him about anything, so whatever, maybe Cally's rubbing off on him, but I don't want to go into that. Don't poke the bear.

Jammer walks the streets, goes to the Tyrol tent in slo-mo and sees the broken mobile. He crouches and begins to cry, freaking out; Chief appears and gives him one second of comfort before twitching off again, but Jammer brings up Cally, having heard that she was on the list last night. Chief bitches about the NCP and how they're traitors, and Jammer tries to explain that whole thing, how probably those guys are in over their heads, especially now that Duck's bomb has gotten the Cylons all hardcore. "Maybe they thought they were doing something good, get the Cylons off the streets and police our own... ?" Chief snarls and asks if Jammer knows any of them; he says he doesn't. Chief's very pissy about how useless Gaeta's being, and Jammer protests that Gaeta will help as much as he can. Chief gets in his face: "He's a fracking collaborator! You know, one day when this is all over, guys like Gaeta are going to get strung up. And guys like you and me are gonna be there tying the knots. Making them tight." He runs off, and I kind of don't like Chief anymore, shockingly. He was crazy two years ago and he's just getting more wear and tear all the time. Jammer cries outside the Tyrol tent, utterly fracked on both sides.

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