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The Dictates Of Conscience

Some kind of pineapple-haired insurgent that looks like the witch girl from Runaways crossed with the gothic homeless of 1996 Seattle sneaks a bomb into a building in a bulky jacket. Could not look more suspicious. A member of the SS grabs her and she shoots him, then heads into the center of the building and blows herself up.

Doral shows the Cylons the video: "Twenty-three Cylons critically wounded." Fourteen had to be boxed. Boomer stupidly brings up the human casualties (four dead) and Doral keeps talking: "The power substation was crippled." Half the city's without power, and the best estimate puts recovery at two weeks. Congratulations, Suicide Girl: you just managed to make living in a concentration camp less awesome. Three asks Caprica if she still thinks they're being too hard on them; Caprica is unresponsive. Cavil calls it "a very serious, straightforward problem: increase control, or lose control." He calls for stronger measures, and Three agrees on behalf of the Threes. Simons -- hi Simon! -- agree, and Dorals agree, and ask if Sixes agree. They do. A Six looks over at Caprica: "Most of us do, anyway." Agree with what? Something even more horrible yet!

Three tosses a document down on Gaius's desk. "What is this?" It's just an order for the summary executions of all the detainees listed on the next page, requiring his signature. He looks at them obnoxiously: "My signature?" Doral's like, "Totally! You're the President!" Caprica is worried; Three is awesome: "Read it later sign now," she sighs, all in a line like that. He looks up and seems ready to balk, so Caprica gets in the middle of it. "Just because you've decided to do this doesn't mean you have to drag him into sin with you!" Threes laugh at her: "Don't you lecture me about sin," they say. "I'm not the one who committed the first act of Cylon-on-Cylon violence in our history." Gaius asks about that, and Three explains: "She crushed my head in with a rock, back on Caprica. Interesting she didn't tell you... " Caprica loses a bit of her smooth and yells that she had to do it, but it's not like she was proud of her actions. Cavil sighs that this is all very interesting, but go ahead and sign the thing. Gaius protests that they don't need his signature, and Three smiles deliciously. "Actually, we do: we are here as allies and friends of the legitimate New Caprica government, so everything we do requires your signature." (This would be so crazy if they were talking about Iraq!) "In other words," Cavil explains -- and it's a good explanation for something that's always confused me, complete with air-quotes -- "they're worried what 'God' might think if they commit murder: they're covering their existential asses." That is... so scary. True and scary, how much sense that makes.

Gaius stands his ground, and everybody gets irritated. "You're going to have to salve your consciences some other way," he blusters, and one Doral explains they can always find another President, while another cocks a gun to his head. Caprica shouts, "Stop this!" And everybody stares at everybody else for awhile. "This is crazy!" Doral shoots her in the head and she falls onto the floor. I guess that's a genie out of the bottle now. The other Sixes are clearly thrown by her death; Boomer stares down, horrified and disgusted. Gaius murmurs a prayer to the singular God, and Cavil's like, "Duh, she'll be back. ... But you won't if you don't sign that thing, unless you're a Cylon, which is still doubtful." Doral screams at him, gun to his head, to sign it. Over and over and over.

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