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Nurture Girl

Dualla flies Starbuck's Raptor shittily, as Kara's explaining that they'll just go directly into orbit and then Galactica can come and save them. Which is -- not solely for reasons of time management -- way better than Dualla showing up with Kara in her arms, like the martyr of all time, which was the concretized metaphor originally in the draft here, I think, which gives me the wiggins. Now of course, if that had happened, I would have wept and cheered, but -- what are you really saying there, beyond "awesome visual that indicts and glorifies at once," that you didn't already say before? This whole storyline in this episode -- maybe this whole episode, full stop -- comes down to one moment: that split second that Dualla, the voice of home, saw Kara's wounded hands, and dropped her rage entirely. Just forgot to be angry, or do anything but love. That's my girl. In that moment, she's better than the four of them ever were, together or separately. That's Adama taking Sharon's oath of service, with one hand to the Gods; and Caprica getting in a Raptor with Athena, playing midwife again, headed for the scariest place in the universe; and Chief standing under an angry sun, refusing to blow up the Temple as a world comes apart around him. That's Helo, weeping as she falls, with her name on his lips. Because he knows it's the only way, and that she can't help but come home again. That's what humanity's capable of at its highest moments: faith and mercy, beyond anger or fear. That's what strength looks like, and it's how we're going to win.

I'm allowed to be excited that my favorite show is back on TV, right? Give me that. Three stares down at the Eye, about which Chip Six just gaiused her loud and clear. "This is my destiny. To see what lies between life and death." It is. It is. Cavil shakes his head: "And to look upon the faces of the Final Five. That can't happen." He's the guy that killed Socrates and Galileo and Copernicus and Jesus Christ, for saying things you shouldn't say. He's the one that says there are things we shouldn't know. He is the face of evil, on this show. Gaius is weakness and Three is hubris; you want evil? Brother Cavil. "This is my destiny," she protests, caught up in rapture; he apologizes to her, calling her by name, and takes aim. Gaius takes him out from behind, and he falls. As she turns to the Eye, the ceiling and pillar begin to glow, connecting heaven and earth. She steps into the ray of light upon the floor, and finds herself in the Great Hall. She stares around in wonder, turning on her heel like a girl. End of Line. She smiles at the Final Five, bathed in light. "Is it really you?" she asks. Everywhere there are spirits, whispering voices, the sound of all knowledge, the sound the hybrid hears and understands. The light the hybrid sees. She steps toward one, who holds out his/her hand. Three's face is beautiful, lit with wonder, and love. Her eyes go soft, and tender, as she gets the joke. "You. Forgive me... "

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