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Props to the eagle-eyed posters who noticed this, because I honestly thought you were blowing smoke, and I'm right now very impressed. Not as impressed as Helo, who holds out two octagonal pictures: one, a grainy Chief shot of the Eye, and the other a painting from her apartment, last seen precisely 4,000 years ago before anything happened, seems like. "This? Was on the Temple. Where'd you get the idea to paint yours?" A new, scary, demonic, terrifying, velvet-rich, minor-key, mysterious and sad and scary exciting song begins. One we've never heard before. One which makes me very effing nervous, because it's introduced so forcefully it's a bet that we'll be hearing it all through 3.5, which makes me scared because of what happens next. She blows it off: "I don't know. It was just something I've been doodling since I was a kid, I liked the pattern." She looks away. "They built the Temple 4,000 years ago," he says, staring hard, and she gets so fucking weird you wouldn't believe it. Even the song is like, "Yikes, dude." He asks what's wrong, and Kara can barely say his name, choking on it. Brokeback. "Just something... Leoben... said once." Disgusted, and afraid, and somewhere there's something unlocking: "That I had a destiny, that it had already been written."

Kara fought every rule Adama brought down, because she knew she could get away with it. She fought Garner outright. The only person she's ever obeyed unthinkingly is Roslin, and the only person she's ever respected is Cain. (Think about mommies, think about daddies.) The second thing Leoben ever told her was that she was afraid to be a mother; she resisted, he broke her. The third thing Leoben ever told her was that she would love him; she resisted, case pending. But the first thing Leoben ever told her was this. She fought Adama and she fought Garner. If this were Lee, telling her this, she could blow it off. But Karl's her best friend, now that Kat's gone: he's just Lee without all the power games and sex stuff, leaving only love and respect and friendship. He's the only one that could get to her with this, so it had to be him. This is God talking now: and if God's male, she's screwed. It's horrifying, to have that come back around on her now. When she's burned off so much of what didn't work already; when they've taken away her hands. The only thing scarier than this, on the big board, would be if you got all Hera's parents in a room (Laura and Bill, Sharon and Karl, Gaius and Caprica, Chip Six and Chip Gaius), flipping out simultaneously. That's literally the only thing that could shake the show this bad, and it's Helo saying this. I got really cold the second he pulled out the photograph; the music did the rest.

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