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Nurture Girl

Three wakes gasping in a resurrection pod, on fire with the rapture. Brother Cavil holds her hand tenderly, talking her through it. "You know the drill. Long, deep, controlled breathing." She looks at him, gripping his hand, smiling madly, full of love and things you can't say without sounding like the hybrid, or a Doctor Who recap. "At least you'll never have to go through this again," he says sweetly, and she smiles up at him. "The decision wasn't easy, but the conclusion was inevitable. Your model is fundamentally flawed." Her smile almost falters, but is buoyed by love, and a terrible wonder. "No," she says, looking up. "It's not a flaw to question your purpose. Is it? To wonder who programmed us, the way we think and why?" It's the purpose of existence, of course, but that's not how Brother Cavil rolls. "Well, that's the problem right there," he says, still holding her hand. "The messianic conviction that you're on a special mission to enlighten us. Look at the damage it's caused." She looks at him with infinite love. "I would do it all again." He nods. "We know. That's why we've decided to box your entire line." She's horrified; she's the martyred seeker. "Your consciousness, memory, every thought your model ever had, are going into cold storage," he exposits. "Indefinitely." She smiles at him, still in rapture. "One must die to know the truth. There are five other Cylons, Brother. I saw them." He looks down at her in pity; she looks up in wonder and love. They're both right. "One day, you're gonna see them too," she whispers. "One day." He says goodbye, lets go her hand as she calls him brother, presses a button on a small metallic device, pulls her USB. "Brother," she says, and goes dark. Dies forever. He pockets the device, still wearing his wonderful hat, stands up from the chair at her side, and walks away, shoulders slumped.

All across the gallery, a hundred, a thousand Cavils stand up and walk away from a thousand pods, as we pull back, away from the light and into the darkness. They look so much alike.

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