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Of course, Adama immediately shields the missiles once the other five Raptors go home, just like Three thought. "You see? Never over just one ship." Three takes off, all glib in the face, and the rest of them stare at each other. Apples taste delicious unless you're the last one to take a bite. "That is not a good sign, my friends," says Cavil -- he likes machines to do their thing, and he wants to find Earth. Eight is all wow about how she defied the group -- right now, that is her stock in trade, no matter what iteration of the model she is. The girl made to love and be loved in return takes loyalty and duty really strongly, it's always been one of my favorite things about her. Love of country is a higher level of love, and demands just as much. (Not to mention the full-body shivers they all must get at this very concept, considering like three of them have gone rogue, ever. Alien thought systems: assume it hurts like cancer, like one cell in a body going crazy and not listening, not checking in. That's Athena, all the time; that's what Boomer's fighting to avoid, every robotic picosecond of every day. Try on those Cylon shoes, they're super comfy.) Leoben -- the resident "it's all about me" mystic of the Cylons, does not like Three getting her lunatic chocolate in his wild-eyed peanut butter: "It's not about in the Eye of Jupiter. It's about her." (I know I waxed crazy about this before, but remember when they just talked and it didn't matter which one was talking? I love knowing their personal agendas and weirdnesses and blind spots. In just a few months, Gaius Baltar has managed to fracture even that. Even their binary democracy is over, thanks to him: now you always know which is which. They call her "D'Anna," which would have horrified her back on Old Caprica; one day we'll know other Leobens, other Cavils, other Simons, and they won't always agree, and they'll be people, and I'll stop getting the toasterfucker hatemail once and for all.) Case in point: "It's like we don't even know them anymore," says Caprica, of course, who has a Galactica kind of romantic trouble with this turn of events. (Somewhere, my Billy's like, "Girl, I hear you.") Cavil -- who makes the hard decisions and says the hard things and always goes to the logical, horrifying next step: "We may have to so something about this. We may have to do it sooner than later." End of Line.

Still in the teaser. I don't like this part very much, in terms of emotional response, and here's why. My whole "you can't rape a robot" stance is huge in the list of reasons why I personally feel sympathy toward the Cylons, and it rests on the concept that even if you know she's a robot, there's a part of you that doesn't. That's the part you have to protect, and that's what's at stake here. Agathon quarters, Sharon very much in Helo's terrified, sad face. "Hera's alive. I'm her mother, and I'm going to get her." He's shaking, begging her to consider other options: "Listen to me, okay? We could take a Raptor, we can fly to the baseship ourselves. I don't care anymore." She shakes her head and won't look at him; he promises to find another way. She swears there isn't another way. Her need is terrible. "Don't ask me to do this, Sharon," turning away from her; she comes around on the other side. "Listen to me. You have always been the strong one. You believed in us when no one else would. I'm begging you to do this. Find the courage to do this for both of us, okay?" Only two Cylons we know ever did this DIY: Gina, and the Cavil on New Caprica. Gina didn't resurrect, thankfully, and when Cavil did, it hurt like hell. A race protects itself by making this count. It looks like it doesn't cost, to us: it does. Ask Helo. He takes her face in his hands, and she begins to cry. She throws her arms around him, voice strong and full of tears: "I love you." You can barely hear him whisper in return. He starts to moan, choking on it, and looks into her eyes as he pulls the trigger. Blood spatters on the wall behind her, and she goes down; he catches her as she falls, drops the gun, and begins to scream.

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