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McDonnell is, of course, no slouch. The great thing about having such a good cast in terms of the actual craft is that they get sparking off each other and it goes wild right in your hand. One supernova is enough; this scene has three. (Don't even get me started on the Dee/Kara scene coming up. I almost barfed! I kicked your dog so hard he screamed!) So Laura looks down as Helo turns away; everybody's quiet as he sits down again. She speaks in measured tones, fully aware of at least this one bad call. "I certainly played my part in bringing us to this moment. And there's plenty of blame to throw around, and I accept it. And now all of our lives are in the hands of Sharon Agathon." Factually true, and something to worry about, because there's nothing any of them can do about that now. Everybody's back in their cages. "All we can do is hope that your wife is worthy of the unconditional trust you place in her, Captain." She turns, chastened but proud, and calls back over her shoulder: "And you as well, Admiral." Guess we'll see, lady. I remember wanting to open up my shirt and take her cancer for myself. I still love her, but I miss loving loving her. How can I love Kara Frackin' Thrace more than Laura Roslin? Something's not right. Fuck story logic, I said. And it fucked me right back, because nobody makes more sense than Laura Roslin, even/especially now. Damn her.

Sharon gasps and wakes in a birthing pod, as Caprica strokes her hair. She asks what happened, solicitously, and Sharon swallows. "They wouldn't let me see my daughter, so my husband shot me. It was the only way." She looks up into Caprica's eyes, the yearning: prodigal daughter, returning home. It's so different now, isn't it? This is the model that used to make the other Sixes spit with frustration; the only Eight we've seen Caprica love, Boomer, is receding into the background, dealing with Hera -- whom she also loves -- just as Caprica's grownup love life is falling apart. Who does Caprica have? The other Sixes blew her head off to make a rhetorical point; she cut off everybody else when she found Gaius again -- everybody but Boomer and Biers -- and now Boomer's crazy and jealous and Cally-hateful, and Biers and Gaius are gone. How lonely must she be? And here comes the one Cylon who gets it, who understands the spark. Who gets why you could miss New Caprica, awfulness aside, just being with them, and loving them as best you can, as God would want you to: Sharon loves them so much she switched sides altogether. We didn't really meet Caprica until landfall, but she's really got a learning curve on her. (I saw it in Playboy, along with the rest of them -- it was kind of like seeing the Final Five Cylons. Aside: the only thing more powerful than the beauty of those shots is the respect she garners from me for standing for them. Beautiful shots, really. And I say that as a Puritan.) But seriously, I'm proud of Caprica: even now, she's doing what she thinks is right parallel to what she needs, watching Sharon for signs of impending treachery while wanting so badly to believe. And still being pretty scary at the same time, like Sixes have to.

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