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The Girl Hanging By One Foot

Belzen fucks up, coming around to speak quietly. Her first friend, the only friend we know about, the only friend in this story that we know she trusts with her true name. And what he says cuts like a razor: "This is exactly what you said we wouldn't do." What began as a kick-ass move, a sign of trust and power, a stand that could prove her meaning and the meaning of humanity, a guerilla trump card, becomes something horrible: Helena, whispering in her ear. Helena telling Cain that this is also a costly thing. "Even if we succeed, is this really worth the lives the plan would cost?" All of this is too close. Those lives are already lost. This guerilla war is a blind jump. Sam Anders and the C-Bucs never expected to live this long either. He's missing the point, pushing on the bruise, and doing it in front of people. He's become a problem. He's her family, the only person who knows her true name, and he's betraying her with it. And if we are going to survive, we have to burn off those parts that don't work: those little voices, those Chip Helenas, that say, "No," when every fiber of our being that must say, "Yes, yes," or we'll be swept away by the storm. She demands his sidearm, she fires his own gun into his head. Not her gun, but his. This is a gift. Fisk becomes the XO, picks up the PA phone with a quickness, orders the strike.

Centurions are boarding, so Helena sends Kendra out to damage control, just like in "Valley Of Darkness". Just like, precisely just like that time: damage control, when the Commander of the ship has gone AWOL, shot through the heart by the enemy, with only a beast behind the wheel, and the demons sneaking in behind your eyes. Sometimes Kendra could be Lee, could believe in good and in strength; this is one of those times. Off to damage control, hiking over bodies, clapping crewmen as they pass. She pulls her gun on Gina, and relaxes; she sends her to CIC, they clasp hands as she's going. Shaw, now alone, watches a Centurion pass. Then, a platinum Six. She thinks a moment, puts it all together just like Adama did, and kills the woman. Up in the wall, there's a security camera.

Back to CIC, gun still drawn. Kendra cocks her gun at Gina and orders her away from the Admiral; sickened by the fact that everything that happens now is her fault. For trusting, for daring to love even a tiny bit, she has caused the betrayal of Helena's one chance at happiness; has given the Fleet cancer with her words. Gina's affronted and surprised, and Cain's unimpressed. "Lieutenant, what the hell is going on? She was helping us with our weapons grid." No, she was killing it. The Cylons look like us, now. All that time turning yourself into a machine so that you could fight machines, and they've been turning themselves into people. You could almost laugh. Cain and Gina do. Kendra hoshis for the security feed and shows them all the dead woman. Helena goes slow and quiet, like a blade snapping shut. "Get that thing off my bridge." The Marines advance on Gina, and she does what she does: snaps a neck. She fires the dead Marine's gun into several more of them, and then takes aim at Helena Cain. She can't fire. When you're a Six, I would imagine it's shameful, to take aim and be unavailable to pull the trigger; it must feel like being taken over by a virus, to feel your body refusing to react to your commands. This is love, and this is a gift. And it's just enough time for Kendra to advance, silently, and knock Gina out from behind.

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