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The Girl Hanging By One Foot

Now, she shifts through the frequencies, down in the kitchen, remembering Scylla, the rock on which she was sharpened and forged. Raptor 359er hails and docks on Colonial One, over the radio. Kendra opens the canister and pulls out her needle, to forget. Greenleaf lands on Galactica, over the airwaves. She aims her needle and Kara appears, bashing a bottle down at the other end of the table, startling Kendra. Kara smiles that one scary smile, the sexy one that you know means RUN. "So, the XO is human after all. I used to do that myself...scrum through the wireless band -- reminds you you're not alone out here. Got any more?" This last offhand, casual, Kara's teeth like razors. More of what? "What you're about to stick in your neck," duh. "Whatever floats your boat, right? I came down here looking for a loose bottle, you came down here for... Guess we both just try to take the edge off, right?" Kendra sighs: Kara doesn't get it. You can't take the edge off. That's the point of the edge.

"I'd hate to think Lee's new XO can't handle the pressure," Kara warns. "Maybe you want to get busted back to peeling potatoes." Kendra offers that it would be a similar shame if "Lee's" favorite pilot ended up scrubbing floors for pilfering ship stores. Men died for coffee on the Gideon; "pilfering ships" is a matter of perspective. Kara agrees to keep the secret, if Kendra keeps hers; Kendra has no way of knowing that Kara is still a year or two from learning about the existence of consequences. This is a power game and nothing more. Kara leaves, and Kendra puts her stash back, and flips the freqs again. Unconfirmed reports continue to attribute President Roslin's recent miraculous recovery. But Kara's point is made: Kendra listens and does not move, doesn't open up that can again. She weeps, for herself and for the Scylla, but she doesn't step back from memory.

"I've seen officers happier about a promotion," Helena says, and Kendra protests that she is happy, for that. She makes the mistake of wondering aloud how she possibly could have earned it. "Don't, Captain. Don't do it. Don't look back. Sometimes, we have to leave people behind, so that we can go on. So that we can continue to fight." J├╝rgen Belzen, Gina Inviere, Mrs. Laird, Blue Squadron. "Sometimes, we have to do things that we never thought we were capable of, if only to show the enemy our will." Blind jump, comms relay, the cannibalizing of the civilian Fleet. Gina again, most terribly.

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Battlestar Galactica




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