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The Girl Hanging By One Foot

Two civilians, one man down, and two wounded, including Shaw; the group is pinned. That is, of course, when the signal starts jamming all over the place. Also lost during the fight: the nuke's detonator. Matthias tries to get it working, but Starbuck's more interested in freaking out about how Kendra just totally shot their own guy in the gut. Kara doesn't understand razors and she won't for a long time; Lee's already halfway there. "I'll not allow them taking any more prisoners, Captain. You saw what they were doing in there." Kara agrees, she did. But Cain's Law demands that you do what's necessary; Kara's never anybody take so few steps to get from the temple to the altar. Not even her mom -- dead of cancer, strong of will -- would have pulled that gun so fast. Kara's life is actively resisting becoming a razor, because she too thinks she couldn't come back, so Pegasus -- where rules aren't ever broken or bent, where you can't even sit in a chair while you're drinking yourself silly, where you can't even drink -- is the worst of several possible worlds, at once. Pegasus is an environment that cannot sustain the kind of life at which Kara excels; it's the razor line of difference between Kara, who returns from the underworld again and again, and Kendra, who doesn't. Who spends every moment afterward waiting to die, like Helena; suspended in half-life, between the needle and the razor.

Apollo orders ship-to-ship missiles to readiness: if this mission fails, if Starbuck falls, they will complete their mission. I mean to say that Lee Adama, confronted with untenable options, considers his imperative. When humanity itself is twisted, on a mechanical rack, in the dead of space, the price to us all is too high. When human and machine are being twisted together, in horror and death, it would be better to lose a thousand men than to allow it to continue. Of course, Adama would move heaven and earth, and has more than once, to save Starbuck's sorry ass, so he gets very nervous at this juncture. "We have to give them a chance!" Even with comms jammed, the LT down, the bomb failing, Adama always chooses more life, the lie of Earth, the final hope. But Lee sees more sharply, and does the things his father cannot do: this is a gift. On the ship, Kara slaps Kendra awake and calls out to Lee, again and again. Under heavy fire, Kendra wakes up again in a corridor, with a razor by her side. Slapping her into wakefulness: the sharp pain of Cain's Law. "Destroying that ship with people on board is our last resort," says Adama, and Lee tells him to define "final resort": this is no longer a rescue mission. "Gods only know what will happen to our people if they're captured," he says, but Adama knows. "I was there." Apollo authorizes nuclear attack on the Basestar; Hoshi inserts his launch key. The Olympic Carrier is with us still. Adama belays the orders, unprepared to sacrifice their lives; if he's wrong, he'll live with it.

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Battlestar Galactica




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