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True Chromance

Sickbay. Apollo tells his father, "I'm sure you won't approve, but I guess that's nothing new." He quietly says, "This isn't about you and me." Maybe you should leave him a note instead of counting on his hearing you right now. Apollo holds Adama's hand and says, "Goodbye, Dad." Exit Apollo. Adama's fingers shiver a little.

Er, somewhere or other. The deck crew are assembling a little cage. Cally stomps up and complains that the cell is for Tyrol. One guy -- who might be Jammer, but then again might not -- says, them's the lumps. The real reason I was hoping more people would get killed by the Cylons is that then I'd have fewer recurring characters to try to identify correctly. Let's just pretend he's Jammer, because otherwise I'll be calling him "This Guy." Cally sobs, "This isn't right. He's one of us!" Jammer replies, "He's one of them. He always was. We just never saw it." Cally insists that Boomer tricked Tyrol. Jammer snickers, "Such loyalty. Were you fracking him too?" Cally twitches and then turns, shoves Jammer into some of the grating, and smacks him in the face before Jammer can grab her arms. Awesome. Jammer shouts, "You want to get pissed at someone, you get pissed at Boomer. She's the one who put the Chief in the cell here, not us." Another member of the crew comes over and pulls Cally away, but looks at her really kindly while he's doing it, which I like. Cally jerks herself away and sulks off.

Gee, this episode has a lot of scenes in the corridors. Dualla just happens to run into Apollo again, the little minx. After the usual greetings, he quietly asks, "Everything set?" Dualla says, "Roger that." Which makes me laugh because of the time my then-roommate Kelly locked herself out of the apartment while doing laundry, and she had to walk across the street and use her laundry money to try and track me down. And she wasn't dressed for going outdoors, and it was quite cold out. So she calls my friend Kevin, looking for me, and explains the situation and that she's freezing, and Kevin's sympathetic response was, "Roger that." She's still a little bitter about it. Anyway, Dualla declares that she can't spend all day yakking, and zips off. But not as eerily as Gaeta can. As Dualla exits, Racetrack rushes in and calls to Apollo, saying she's having a technical difficulties with her Raptor. Apollo smirkily tells the guards, "Instead of getting some rack time, I'm going to take a minute to do the Lieutenant's job for her." He is the world's worst liar, I swear. The guards are fine with that, though, and let Apollo leave with the pilot.

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