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Apollo calls in to CIC, requesting clearance to launch for a medical mission. Meanwhile, the Prez greets Elosha, who's been waiting in the Raptor. Apollo gets cleared to launch, and off they go.

CIC. Gaeta tells Tigh that Venner has reported the Prez missing: "Two men down; cell's empty." Tigh shuts down all transport on or off the ship. The Raptor clears Galactica as a machine emits some octagonal paper. Gaeta shows the paper to Tigh as he says, "Flight log records a Raptor departed the ship two minutes ago with Doc Cottle on a medical emergency." Tigh asks Gaeta to confirm that as Gaeta locates the Raptor on the dradis. Tigh tells Gaeta to send the air patrol after the ship, and to pull Apollo out of the brig. Dualla reports that Cottle is still on board: "He says he was forced to request the raptor at gunpoint by Apollo." Tigh sighs, "Son of a bitch." Tigh asks Dualla to connect him with the Raptor as Gaeta report that they've got a Viper in visual range of it. Tigh picks up the phone and tells Apollo to turn the ship around, or they'll shoot him down. He says, "Don't think I won't just because you're the Old Man's son." Which is funny, since he won't, and that's why. Apollo tells Tigh to do what he has to do, and signs off.

It turns out that Hotdog is in the Viper pursuing the Raptor. I've decided that "dualla" is now a verb, meaning "to communicate with someone via a third party." For example: Tigh duallas to Hotdog, "Fire across their bow." Hotdog does. Hotdog duallas back that the Raptor isn't turning around. Yeah, I know: sooner or later I'm going to have to write a sentence about Dualla dualla-ing.

Dualla tells Tigh that the Raptor is approaching Cloud Nine. Well, they picked a nice place to hide out. Gaeta helpfully points out, "Cloud Nine is one of the busiest transport hubs in the fleet. Shuttles coming and going constantly." He figures Apollo and the Prez can take off to another ship before they can shut down air traffic over there. I think Gaeta's generally suspicious behavior is a red herring to distract us from the fact that he's mostly King of Exposition. Tigh ponders.

Hotdog asks whether he should fire on the Raptor. He's kind of eager. But maybe he just wants to make sure Tigh doesn't have an excuse to throw him in the brig.

Tigh ponders some more. Then he says, "Tell Hotdog to hold his fire." Honestly, I don't think he decided that just because Apollo is Adama's son. I think it was a bit of that, but if Apollo hadn't been aboard, I'm not convinced that Tigh would have fired on the Prez. He knows she's a pain in the ass, but she's not an enemy of the fleet, and I don't think he'd choose to kill her. Plus, he seems vaguely aware that following his impulses has created more problems than it's solved. Oh, and he also seems sober. If his flask were handy, it'd be a different story. So the Raptor escapes, and everyone pauses to breathe for a moment. Then Tigh says, "They couldn't have done it on their own." He asks if anybody's noticed off-log calls. He sidles up to Gaeta, who shakes his head and says, "No, Sir. Nothing." Across the room, Dualla looks over at Gaeta.

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