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True Chromance

Cloud Nine. Apollo leads his harem of crazy women off the Raptor and declares, "We're home free...for now." A man greets the Prez from off-screen, and we reverse to discover that it's Zarek. The Prez turns to Apollo and asks why Zarek's there. Apollo explains, "Once Tigh gets over his initial shock, he'll send troops out to search for us. If we're going to make it, we have to keep on the move." And Zarek has "enough shady friends" to keep them hidden. The Prez coolly notes, "Well, Mr. Zarek, It would seem the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Zarek cheerfully says, "Call me Tom." Heh. Apollo urges everyone to hurry, because they're jumping aboard another shuttle immediately.

Caprica. Oh, man, this scene. Starbuck's tossing a ball around on a pyramid court. Enter Anders. They banter. Starbuck explains, "I was up for the pros. Bum knee took me out of contention." Which Moore talked about way back in last season's podcasts as part of Starbuck's backstory, but I didn't mention it because it didn't seem all that interesting. It doesn't seem all that interesting now, either, but just so you know, that didn't spring out of nowhere. They play, and they trash-talk, and they touch each other a lot. At the end, Starbuck scores (not like that), and Anders invades her personal space and says, "Nice shot." Starbuck thanks him, and Anders walks away, and the part that I liked was her little eyebrow-raise as she turns away from him and faces the camera. She bugs me a lot, but every so often she's cute. Especially when she's not talking.

Galactica. Tyrol's cuffs are removed, and he tells Baltar, "Thanks, Doc. I appreciate it." Baltar is leaning against the cell bars, staring at a shackled Boomer as he suggests, "Thank her." I'm still not clear on what exactly Baltar told Tigh he learned that cleared Tyrol's name. Tyrol asks what Boomer had to do with it. Baltar says, "Everything. Nothing." Helpful. Then Six is standing on the other side of the bars, and reaches a hand through to caress Baltar's shoulder. Baltar puts his hand on top of Six's and tells Tyrol, "Love is a strange and wonderful thing, Chief." The camera changes, and Six is gone, and Baltar is fingering his shirt collar as he concludes, "You be happy you experienced it at all. Even if it was with a machine." Six is there again, smirking. Tyrol asks what will happen to Boomer. Baltar says that she'll be taken to a new holding facility for tests. Tyrol is aghast: "Like she's some kind of lab rat?" Baltar says, "That's the idea."

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