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True Chromance

Caprica. Some armed people move through the forest. One of them appears to be wearing bike shorts, which seems unprofessional. Someone says that they haven't spotted any Centurions. The leader, who will eventually be identified as Anders, doesn't like that. I bet it's quiet. Too quiet. Anders says that the humanoid Cylons don't go anywhere alone. His sidekick asks, "Think they're bait?" Anders expositions about a convoy they hit last week, and basically, his answer is yes. He finally gives orders for everyone to take aim: "I wanna blow these Cylons away before they ever knew what hit them." From behind a tree, he aims at...Starbuck. Surprise! Though not really. Starbuck is wandering to the front of her Hummer, and spreading a map out on the hood. She grumbles that they've got to figure out where they are. She and Helo bicker a little about whose fault it is that they're lost. See, there are plenty of things she can't do. We cut back to Anders, and his rifle.

Credits. In the podcast, Moore says that originally they were going to spend a lot of episode on Baltar doing experiments on Boomer and trying to figure her out, but then they realized that Tyrol was a better angle to use. Which makes sense, but I would eventually like to see Baltar letting some helpless victim see just how screwed-up he is.

After the ads, Starbuck and Helo are still leaning over the map. Starbuck suggests heading for an emergency airstrip, but Helo says that he's already checked it out. There's the sound of a rifle being cocked, and Starbuck ahems, "Did you hear that?" They oh-so-casually move back to the car, and Starbuck climbs in and passes several Uzi-like guns to Helo. Instead of just driving away. As they prepare to do lord knows what, there's a burst of gunfire that smashes through the Humvee's windshield. I have no problem with the proficiency of the insurgents, because there's so little of it. They waited until Starbuck and Helo were aware of them, and then fired without a clear shot. Because they're not trained soldiers. Seems reasonable. Anyway, Starbuck whines that they're sitting ducks, as if she's not the one who wanted to fight instead of flee. Helo says, "You go; I'll cover," and Starbuck snaps, "Why me?" Helo says, "Don't start." Heh. Helo pops up and fires into the trees as Starbuck runs the few feet over to a chain-link fence that surrounds...something. I could use a wide shot here so I knew what the hell she was hiding behind. Helo ducks back down and tells her, "Five of them, split up between nine and one. Fifty meters." Starbuck pops out and fires with an Uzi in each hand while calling, "Red rover, red rover, let Helo come over." Or not. Helo joins Starbuck behind the whatever-it-is. Starbuck says, "Didn't see any shiny silver out there. I think we're dealing with the human variety." If she'd said, "second variety," I'd have been really amused. Helo says the humanoid Cylons aren't as tough, and Starbuck replies, "They do bleed good, though. You gotta like that." She and Helo both poke out and open fire again, and then Helo leads a retreat through the fence.

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