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True Chromance

Galactica. Baltar sips some coffee as he walks along. He's all cleaned up, and he got a haircut, thank heavens. Although now he looks shorter. Odd. Cally quickly walks up and complains that Tigh thinks Tyrol is a Cylon. Baltar says that he's on his way to meet with Tigh. "I think he wants me to find a way to clear the Chief. Or..." Cally angrily asks, "Or what? He'll throw him out the airlock like a piece of garbage?" Well, yes. Cally says that Adama would never allow this to happen. Adama probably wouldn't have punched Tyrol, but I think he'd at least have a few questions about Boomer. Cally says that Tyrol isn't a toaster. Baltar has a wonderfully dry delivery as he notes, "He was involved with Lieutenant Valerii, who most certainly is a toaster." Six harrumphs, "That word is racist. I don't like it." Six is still dressed quite conservatively. I guess she figures she has to be more respectable now that she's going to be a mom. Cally repeats that Tyrol isn't a toaster, and Six urges him, "Tell her you won't have racial epithets used in your presence." Hee. Baltar says that he's sorry, but that he has to tell Tigh that he can't help: "The Cylon detector I developed doesn't work. Clearly." Baltar starts to walk on, but Cally jumps in Baltar's face and insists that Cally has to help Tyrol. Six hisses in Baltar's ear, "Your child's gonna be half toaster. How does that make you feel?" Baltar tells them both, "Nothing could make me happier." Heh. He makes another attempt to leave, and again Cally stops him, saying that Baltar owes Tyrol for not telling anyone what happened to Crashdown. Baltar smiles happily for the benefit of passersby, takes Cally by the shoulder, and then swings her in a circle before shoving her against a bulkhead. I liked that, although it was a little too threatening a move for a populated corridor. Baltar points out that he saved Cally's life, and asks if she's blackmailing him. Cally says, "Help the Chief to help yourself, Doctor." So, yes, then. Cally walks away as Six adds, "That's what you're best at, isn't it?"

CIC. Tigh asks Baltar why he didn't identify Boomer as a Cylon. Baltar says it was "a beta test, a preliminary." Throughout all this, Dualla hands over paperwork for Tigh to sign. Tigh asks Baltar if this means they have no way to identify Cylons. Baltar quickly says, no, he's improved the test since then. He adds, "If you let me test the Chief's blood, I might be able to tell once and for all if--" Tigh snaps, "No more of your weaselly technobabble." Ha! Ten points for Tigh. Tigh orders Baltar to determine whether Tyrol is a Cylon. Baltar harrumphs that he's the Vice-President, and says, "Legally speaking, if the President is incapacitated, shouldn't I take over her duties?" Tigh reminds the world that he's declared martial law, and says that Baltar should either get to work, or head to the brig. Baltar replies, "It's good to see you, Colonel," in a totally casual way, which I adore. I've missed having Baltar around to interact with everyone. As Baltar walks out of CIC, Six asks if he's tired of "the disrespect from mechanics and Colonels alike?" Baltar replies, "What do you think?" Six suggest doing something about it. Oh, good.

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