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Sickbay. Sheet-covered corpses are wheeled in. Tigh walks over to Cottle, who's perched near a wounded soldier. Tigh sighs, "Four civilians dead. How the frack could this have happened?" Cottle croaks, "What'd you expect, genius? You put a pilot in charge of crowd control." Exit Cottle, his work done. I want Tigh and Cottle to be roommates. Tigh turns and spots Hammerhead walking by. He asks whether Hammerhead ordered his troops to fire on the crowd. Hammerhead says no, and defensively explains that the crowd surrounded them. Tigh asks if the civilians were armed. Hammerhead says no again, but adds that the crowd was yelling at them, and started throwing canisters: "Coffee, I think." Again, I am shocked at the lack of respect these people have for coffee. Throw cans of beets, or peas. Nobody's going to miss that stuff. Tigh confirms, "You shot people for throwing coffee?" Hammerhead insists that the mob was pressing in on the soldiers, and then someone fired, but that he doesn't know who. Tigh walks away as Hammerhead is still talking, and goes to Adama's bedside, pulling the curtain closed.

Tigh looks down at Adama and says, "If ever we needed you, Bill, it's right now." Aw.

In the brig, the Prez says that the shooting is "a travesty." She tells Apollo, "The press will have a field day." I know she's supposed to be a politician, but under the circumstances, having her fret about nasty editorials seems a little goofy. She continues: "The ships will begin to splinter. The Cylons will be able to eliminate us a few ships at a time." Oh, hey, Billy's there, too. Another guard enters, and I guess Venner is finally being relieved. The Prez spins around and quietly tells Apollo that she's got to get out of the brig. Apollo agrees. The Prez says that she wants to bring Billy and Elosha. Elosha? Oh, the High Priestess of Vague Mysticism! Thank goodness, she does have a name. Apollo replies, "Of course you do," which is another line that sounds funny to me. Maybe because I was waiting for him to say, "Er, and me, right? Or was that implied?" It turns out that Apollo's already worked out a plan to get them to the hangar deck and aboard a Raptor. But they'll need to get clearance to take off. The Prez says, "I know how to get that." Apollo says, "You do?" The Prez says, "Yup, but I can't tell you just yet, because then the audience will know too much." She says that they'll need to have someplace to hide in the fleet while they "rally support among the people." It's Apollo's turn to have a plan, and all he'll say about it is, "You're not going to like it." Billy does not say, "Well, I've got a plan of my own, and I'm not even telling you guys that I have it, so you'll be even more surprised. Nyah."

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Battlestar Galactica




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