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True Chromance

Caprica. Anders drives a truck into his home base, followed by Starbuck and Helo in the Humvee. Home base turns out to be Delphi Union High School. Anders says that the Cylons don't patrol this area, which is awfully suspicious. Watch out for the shining wire, Starbuck. Hey, they've got Efrafa happening back on the Galactica, too. And they're just looking for a new warren called Earth. Okay, now I'm freaking myself out a little. Where were we? Helo asks how many people are at the school Anders reports that there are fifty-three, then boosts everyone's confidence by adding, "We had almost a hundred before the toasters ambushed us last week." Excellent. He expositions that apart from the Buccaneers, the group is made up of "survivalists, hikers mostly." I wish he'd said "bikers," because you don't want to mess with bicycle messengers. They've raided some hospitals for anti-radiation meds, and have enough for a few months. Or, hey, even longer if the population keeps dropping. Anders starts to lead them inside to find bunks. Starbuck grumps that fifty-three people isn't much of an army, but on the other hand, it's better than two.

Sickbay. The Prez tells her guards, "I'll just be a moment," and closes the curtains. She turns to face Cottle, who sits there with his usual accessories: a hangdog expression and a cigarette. The Prez says, "I need your help, but it's illegal, dangerous, and in violation of your oath as an officer." Cottle tells her, "You're a lousy salesman."

Billy rushes through a corridor to catch up with Venner, and explains that he wanted to thank Venner for his help, on behalf of the Prez. Venner smiles, "Hey, anything I can do to make things easier for her." Billy's like, "Funny you should put it that way..."

Elsewhere, Tigh marches down a corridor, and Dualla pops out with something for him to sign. Tigh signs reflexively, but stops to ask why they're closing causeway 'B.' Dualla says the Cylon boarding party did some damage in there, so they need to do "integrity testing." Tigh figures that sounds reasonable, and signs the order.

Dualla is washing her face in the head when Gaeta suddenly pops up next to her. He apologizes for startling her, and then says, "Things are pretty fracked up these days, huh?" Dualla says that's true most days. His conversational gambit seems to have failed, so Gaeta comes to the point: "If people are upset, they should go through the proper channels." He says he's been doing maintenance checks and found that there were some scrambled calls during the past few hours. He asks if she knows anything about them. Dualla looks at him calmly and says, "Off-log calls are against regs." Gaeta agrees, looks at her pointedly, and whooshes away.

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