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The Divine Right Of Cain

Eeeee! Still not over that last mental image. Apologies. We're in the Pegasus War Room, where Starbuck is explaining the op. Tigh is sliding around those models we've seen before on the 2-D map of space. There's even a cute little Ernestine model. The reason they're doing it on the game board (the models are fine for Galactica, but you'd think Pegasus would have one of those piezoelectric desk-toy deals like in the X-Men movies because they're better off in every way) is because it's too complicated to just explain...which is what I'm now supposed to do. I'll bottom-line it for you. The Fleet, including both Battlestars, is going to...sit around and wait, and pretend to be conducting mining operations. This is in line with the Cylon strategy, which has been to follow them from useful planet to useful planet. When the Cylons finally launch Raiders, everybody will jump, except for some fake-miner civilians. (Already this plan is fuckin' great.) It will look like they're having jump trouble, and are just moseying away at sub-light speed. This pursuit will get the Raiders away from the Basestars. At that point, Galactica and Pegasus will take on a Basestar each. Which is bad-ass.

Meanwhile, Apollo will jump in on the Blackbird, take out the Resurrection Ship's FTL, and jump away again (You can't just nuke it, because that would invalidate the Blackbird's stealthiness -- unsurprisingly, Tigh asks the question necessitating this info in response). The Battlestars will continue to take on the Cylon Basestars, and every single squad from both ships will go after the now free-floating Resurrection Ship. Basically: the civilians will lead some Raiders away from the Basestars, we'll attack those with both our ships, and send our Vipers and Raptors after the Resurrection Ship. Hopefully, the civilian ships hopping away without using FTL will not get barbecued while all of this wonderful warmongering is happening. Hopefully, Apollo will be cool enough not to jump into the battle once he's taken out the Resurrection Ship's jump engines -- maybe this, and not Kara's new CAG status, is why he's the one flying the Blackbird. Hopefully, Kat will not freak out and start shooting indiscriminately in a crack-fuelled rage. Hopefully, I will be able to understand at least 30% of what's going on during this battle. Well, two episodes ago, I couldn't even have written this paragraph. I love you guys.

So Adama looks pensive and/or freaked, probably because of the civilian bait factor, and Cain asks if there's a problem. "I need time to study the operational details," he says, giving Cain her best bad-ass opening of the episode: "Suit yourself. I've gone over the details and I'm satisfied." It's just so...shruggy! Sixteen flavors of "Whenever you can catch up, old guy." I kind of love it. Adama asks for a moment with her CAG, ops-wise, and it takes, I think, everyone in both that room and this one to remember he means Starbuck. She gives "Thrace" one hour with him. Adama dismisses the incredibly worried-looking Apollo with a "Stay focused, son," and I have watched this scene literally one thousand times, no more, no less, and it's still...he's very wiggly, is Apollo. And very upset-slash-nervous, and very much wants to stay in that room, but no matter whether he knows the plan or not, that's how he'd be acting, so it doesn't really matter. And we know from the minuscule preview of next week's episode that he's not blindsided by the thing Adama's about to say, so it's kind of moot whether he -- at this point -- knows it. Given the role-reversal ickiness of Apollo's demotion/Kara's promotion, I'm most willing to hang it on that hook -- it was Cain that took his flight status and made Kara her CAG, and this dismissal by his own personal father kicks it up that next notch, all, "Let the grownups talk, kid." I think that's how Bamber's playing it, and I like it the most, because seriously, how weird is this situation to think about, given the characters thus far? The barbaric berserker chick who takes off into the wild blue yonder every other episode is now in the Honors Society, while simultaneously Little Miss Rules & Regs himself is bumped down to Hotdog's level? Ouch.

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