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Resurrection Ship, Part I

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The Divine Right Of Cain

Three and a half awesome things. #1: Kara is totally torn in about five different directions, receiving these orders from Adama. Like, so much so that my friend Lily started crying, and she's only seen the mini and "Pegasus." It's intense. Starbuck does not cold-bloodedly kill, and she is in the best career position of her life, and Cain gets her on, like, a spiritual level. #2: Adama looks like he might boot, because he hates this. #3: Adama and Cain both know, although we might not immediately think of it, that this is precisely how Adama got shot last time, down to the cheering in CIC. That's the really sick one. And the #0.5: Fisk is even more ambivalent about all this than our guys are, thanks to, of all people, Tigh, who's like this drunk angel on his shoulder, yammering constantly. Now, I have no doubt this is going to go poorly and not at all according to plan. And the only person who really deserves to kill Cain is, pretty much, Gina. Which would be both poetic and epic, not to mention ethically acceptable for every single person concerned, and is more likely to keep her alive, thus furthering the redemption or not of Gaius, which I suddenly need to happen. Meaning, of course, that I have a stake, and so do you, and planned or not, the hook's got us good. Boom boom boom.

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