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The Divine Right Of Cain

Cain thinks the shots are from Stinger's recon mission, but Fisk informs her that the mission was aborted due to her and Adama going simultaneously nuts. Cain then freaks out and falls in love with Starbuck a little bit: "Thrace. She took off and did the whole recon mission alone. My Gods. Look at these shots, Jack: she put her nose right up their backsides and they never even knew it." Hello to the imagery, but I have to say that for me, Cain is humanized by a lot of what goes on here. After watching this episode, I went back and watched "Pegasus" again, and just for kicks pretended I was on her side, and -- there's never a point where I can disagree with her. Methods yes, priorities yes, overall she's totally unhinged, but in any given scene, her logic is soundproof and airtight. It's interesting. I talked a good game about how we should respect that she's been Kurtzed out to here by the Armageddon, because that's what I do, but I really feel it after this episode. This episode retroactively brings out a lot of the nuances in the performance in the last episode, too. She's...not sympathetic, but understandable. Imminently so. She's like a person demanding absolute etiquette at a tea party, even though the tea party is happening in the middle of an earthquake. Like -- imagine Martha Stewart, in a volcano, doing krav maga. Plus military training, which means like control freak squared. I'll try not to get carried away with the sympathy, because she did just get my two favorite characters raped, but it's there, and it's not subtle. Cain agrees to a joint recall and "stand down to condition two," and requests that Adama report to her directly. While this is within her rights both as his CO and as a crazy person who thinks she's doing the right thing, she has to admit that his problem with this is a compelling one. She floats the idea of meeting on Colonial One, aide-less, in fifteen. They both stand down. She whispers to the recon photos lovingly, like the creepy old bat she is.

Over on Colonial One, Roslin is blowing my mind. She's taking back all the respect Cain refused her last episode, with fucking interest, standing behind her presidential desk and addressing the slouching Cain and Adama like she's about to assign them as lab partners for the rest of term. The thing about Cain is that she's thinky, and so is Roslin. I think a lot of some people's inability to communicate with each other comes down to this: thinkers and feelers. People who say "yes/no" and people who say "good/bad." And if you ask a thinker how they feel, it'll take twenty minutes because they have to bring it up like bronchitis, and if you ask a feeler what they think, it'll take just as long because that's like doing calculus in your head. A thinker could blow up a civilian transport to save the Fleet, even with little children aboard, and if you asked whether that was "good" or "bad," they'd look at you like a Cylon. An intuitive type like Adama can tell people exactly what they want to hear, for a separate example, and work it out that way. And Cain and Roslin have something in common, and Roslin knows it, so she lays it on the line, and in such a way Cain can't argue: "Let's start this by admitting an ugly truth. What happened out there today was the result of failure in leadership of everyone in this room. We are the leaders of this fleet. As such, we need to set an example. We cannot continue to let the conflicts between --" All true. But Cain gives it right back: "Oh, let's just cut through the hand-holding, shall we? Two of his men murdered one of my officers while protecting a Cylon. They're guilty, they admitted it. And under regulations, I have complete authority to try, convict, and sentence them. And you and I both know that the penalty for that crime is death." Also? All true. Especially because she hasn't lived through the last twenty episodes with the Chief and Helo, Cain doesn't know that you always want to hug Chief, she doesn't know the amount of honor and respect Helo deserves, or why we love them both. Apparently the only thing she's managed to pick up from her DVD set of the first two seasons is the so-rarely-telegraphed fact that Starbuck rules. All Cain knows is that the boys are deviant toasterfuckers who will murder for the object of their affection, and have done so. And that's why this episode is good, not because of the ways in which she's nuts, but because of the ways in which she's not.

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