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Resurrection Ship, Part I

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The Divine Right Of Cain

Roslin -- amid a good many well-chosen pauses -- asks whether the "spirit of the law" might not require "something...more than summary executions." Not if the letter of the law is the only thing keeping you alive the last six months, dude. Which is basically what Cain wants to know: how the frack did the Fleet manage to survive this long with Laura and Bill debating "the finer points of Colonial law" at every turn? But she goes a little wrong here: "Guess what? We're at war! And we don't have the luxury of academic debate over these issues." She's right that they're all quite busy, but I stand by Roslin's original call on this one. I got your "first principles" right here: The war is over. We lost. But again, the "war" concept is all that has kept Cain alive -- "And we'll keep fighting!" -- so it makes sense that she's not trying to hear that. This all hearkens back to the very first Roslin/Adama thing, and will continue to do so all episode: stay and fight? Or run and build? The concept of the show, in other words: which is smarter and/or more honorable? Roslin obliges by cutting through the crap: "You have Pegasus, he has Galactica. Two heavily armed, very powerful warships. Now, I am sure that Pegasus would prevail in any fight..." Adama, still quite slouchy, begs to differ, and Roslin gives him an adorable shushing near-chuckle before continuing, "But certainly, there'd be heavy damage, and you'd take significant casualties. So you can go out there and fight it out with Galactica, or you can compromise. And those are the only two options on the table, period." She's right, and Cain knows it. She pretty much -- with a parting shot again at Roslin's and Adama's unlikely survival to this point -- gives in now, because of the logic (and Mary McDonnell's searing willpower, which is like a whole other deal on its own terms, that will stick you to your chair at seven Gs, cheeks flapping, until she's done). Of course, Cain frames it in her usual narcissism: she'll give in, but only because she wants to defeat this Cylon fleet, and the Galactica is necessary to do so. She agrees to suspend the executions until then. Adama demands that Chief and Helo be extradited back to Galactica, and Cain informs him of his luck at not having been arrested and court-martialed his own damn self. Which, again, is technically correct, and just as much within her rights as holding the boys on Pegasus is. Roslin informs them -- wonderfully and powerfully -- that they will return to the Colonial One after the mission to resolve the issue, and dismisses Cain.

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