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Resurrection Ship, Part I

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The Divine Right Of Cain

Sometime later, Starbuck stands at attention in Cain's office. Cain promotes her to Captain (yay!) and makes her the new Pegasus CAG. For one second, Starbuck and Lee are equals. The promotion is fine, but I have to say -- CAG? She's a great strategist, a great pilot, but -- CAG? Not that flight training is anything like actual command, but she does tend to end up killing some students from time to time. Or naming them things like "Hotdog." The difference between Apollo and Starbuck in this arena is that she's so about following her instincts (and getting constant positive reinforcement for it) that she can't see past her own self, while Lee takes a different but parallel route, following honor and justice and the Colonial way. Which amounts to the same thing, in terms of being self-directed and ego-based, and he's no better at following orders besides those of his inner tight-assed Virgo demons. But at least if Lee's your CAG, there's a handbook. With Kara, it's like you have to always do what she tells you, even if it changes from moment to moment, because she's always right but if your reflexes aren't good enough, you won't live to see that fact. Even Kara finds her promotion ridiculous, but Cain compares her to Stinger, the old CAG, who somehow managed to let Lee type a VERY LOUD message to Starbuck in the middle of a dogfight. Starbuck asks after Apollo, but Cain reassures her that he's just been busted out of flight status, since it wouldn't be fair to punish him and not Starbuck as well. ("More tea, Admiral?" "Why thank you. Is that your house sliding down the mountainside?" "Oh, yes. Do you like the curtains? They're new.") Starbuck requests Apollo on her team, and Cain gets right up in her grill, and the love is both strong and crazy in her: "Do you always get what you want?" "Most of the time....Sir," responds Starbuck. It's intense. Cain goes as soft as she can -- like, less diamond, more ceramic -- and lets Starbuck have Apollo. She then floats Starbuck's desire to return to Caprica and save the people from "Resistance" and "The Farm," which I assume actually means Anders, or the man they call "Starbuck As A Boy." Cain says that she wants to return to the Colonies, not only to save the irradiated survivors but also to "kick the Cylons the frack out of our homes." Cain asks "Captain" Thrace what she thinks, and Starbuck replies it's the best idea she's heard all day. "Sir." And again, we're back to not only the big split (should we stay or should we go), but also the Kara split, since she's one of the few crew who's figured out that Earth is a huge gigantic lie. Now, it's a lie that mentions her by name in various religious texts and whatever, but still. She's pragmatic at the same time she's religious, which is like the best of both worlds.

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