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The Divine Right Of Cain

Back on Colonial One, Roslin and Adama are chilling out for a bit. Roslin turns to him like you might turn to someone and suggest margaritas, and says, apropos of who knows what, "I'm afraid this can only end one way. You've got to kill her." Even Adama, who was present for the beginning of this scene, wonders what the hell she's talking about. Roslin admits to an interest in the Cain method of "cutting through it." She explains that someone like Cain can't step down from a war (we know!) and that she's going to try again to take power from Adama: "I hate to lay this on you, Bill, but she's dangerous, and the only thing you can do is to hit her before she hits you." It's not quite matter-of-factly that she says this (I bet you can imagine right now the precise note of weariness she gives this speech), but Adama is still blamfrazzled, as I imagine most viewers were too. So sudden! He protests weakly, and she jumps: "...You are a Colonial officer who's taken an oath to protect this Fleet. What do you think she's going to do with the civilian Fleet once she's eliminated you? You know I'm right. You just don't want to face it." Adama almost smiles at this less kind, less gentle Laura: "So the whole world's going mad?"

You know the Hayes Code? Like in old movies whenever somebody ate fruit it meant they were having sex, or like, whenever they got a sleepy look it meant they were on heroin, or whatever? Like you see one chick in stockings, you assume she's actually naked, but if you see two and they're smoking cigarettes, you think "whorehouse." You know what I mean. The Big Sleep is one of my favorite movies and it makes almost NO sense if you don't have your decoder ring. Anyway, the last episode went to great lengths to show that Boomer was NOT actually raped, just nearly. And this wasn't a censorship issue, this was a directorial decision, and one that I applaud, because it would have lessened the impact of the episode if we'd seen something like that. You recoil. However, your brain might feel a little less twisted around in this next scene if you pretend that what we saw happen is not precisely what really happened, structuralist primacy of the text aside. Doc Cottle's examining Boomer, and he's telling her that she's basically fine, with a hairline-cracked rib and no permanent damage from "the attack." And Boomer's response: "'The attack'? Is that what we're calling it now?" Adama mentions that the attackers weren't from the Galactica, and Boomer blows that right off, asking after Helo and Chief Tyrol. Adama assures her that he's going to save them, and she asks -- in full soldier mode -- how he can do that with Cain in command. He switches back to the attack, which is pretty heartbreaking in itself: they are on the same wavelength, which is that if the Pegasus could attack her under Adama's nose, how can he hope to save the boys? It's so, so deft to have them switching subjects and predicates in every line of dialogue while still talking about the same thing: now that the world's gone mad, how can Adama protect any of them? "What happened to you..." he says, and Cottle interrupts: "Was unforgivable." Which: like we needed more examples that Cottle is wonderful (or a total Cylon). Without missing a beat, Adama continues: "...happened aboard my ship. On my watch. And it's my responsibility. So I just want you to know that I personally apologize." Wow. That's a lot. This is a person who only calls Boomer "It," who keeps her in a box, on a leash, who jumped right the hell on her and strangled her the first chance he got, and continues to imagine doing so every time they are together: this is Adama apologizing for what happened on his watch. "See that she's okay, then back into her cell." This is a show that can (and will, and regularly) break your heart with a pronoun.

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